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    Come back after 5 years break! Alone or Duo?

    Wow! What a ride was 2016!!! Ever since I lost all my equipment and my music in a nasty house fire in 2011 all I wanted was to get back at Djing… One thing this tragedy could never take away from me is my love and passion for music…

    July 2016, I decided to restart all over again. Went and bought myself a Traktor Kontroler S8 and accessories. I had also to rebuilt my music library from scratch... My goal then was to get back on the market within 6 months. I had to work hard to achieve this goal considering that the technology changed a lot in five years. Last I played in a bar in 2011 was with Technics SL1200 and CDJ,s 100S.

    Well, today I am kinda proud to say I achieved my 2016 goal. I was just confirmed, a couple of days ago, my first booking. YES I made it! Friday January 13th 2017 I will be playing my first gig b2b with a friend in a Techno event in Montréal.

    Here is the question! I initially thought I would come back into the market as me alone but I just had an offer/request from a good friend to join him and market ourself as a duo.

    What is best? Alone or Duo? Is it more dificult to get booked as a Duo? What are the pros and cons of working as Duo?
    Guy Deshaies

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    Off the bat, one con I can think of;
    Your pay is divided between two people.
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    Personally, I would not take on a partner (other than my wife). But I dont think I would market the business as a duo even if I chose another partner. If yall want to work together ok, but if you get two gigs in one night, each of you can take a gig & double your money (provided both of you have equipment).
    The biggest problem is, partners sometimes disagree & get in the way. I just prefer solo. Just me.
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    y not both?
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    whatever brings in the gigs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 95 View Post
    Off the bat, one con I can think of;
    Your pay is divided between two people.
    Of course the obvious one... ;-(
    Guy Deshaies

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    Yeah, need to know who I am marrying with otherwize it go uggly quite fast...
    Guy Deshaies

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Matt View Post
    whatever brings in the gigs
    Keep it open sounds like a plan... that way we can still get the best out of it!
    Guy Deshaies

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    hey Guy, first of all, congrats on keeping the faith thru adversity! Great to hear.

    and I'll say it can be more exciting as a duo, as you hype each other up and create an energy that's contagious, and it's no problem to play out as an individual sometimes, as well as being part of a duo, a lot of dj's have a few projects on the go at once. Best of luck for the future!

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    I think if you want to work as a duo you would have to have a solid similar base of interests in DJing and performing to minimize any potential clashing of interests. Being solo can be good or bad depending on how creative you are as an individual. If you aren't that creative, then having a partner can usually help promote creativity as a whole by feeding off of each other's ideas.

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