Wow! What a ride was 2016!!! Ever since I lost all my equipment and my music in a nasty house fire in 2011 all I wanted was to get back at Djing… One thing this tragedy could never take away from me is my love and passion for music…

July 2016, I decided to restart all over again. Went and bought myself a Traktor Kontroler S8 and accessories. I had also to rebuilt my music library from scratch... My goal then was to get back on the market within 6 months. I had to work hard to achieve this goal considering that the technology changed a lot in five years. Last I played in a bar in 2011 was with Technics SL1200 and CDJ,s 100S.

Well, today I am kinda proud to say I achieved my 2016 goal. I was just confirmed, a couple of days ago, my first booking. YES I made it! Friday January 13th 2017 I will be playing my first gig b2b with a friend in a Techno event in Montréal.

Here is the question! I initially thought I would come back into the market as me alone but I just had an offer/request from a good friend to join him and market ourself as a duo.

What is best? Alone or Duo? Is it more dificult to get booked as a Duo? What are the pros and cons of working as Duo?