Absolute dub wholesomeness here from UK producer Martin J Jones aka

Made in Cornwall UK.
Assembled and recorded by Martin J. Jones as StoneBones.
Instigated by Little Rascal Records.
Enabled by Teresa M. Dunne.
Audio mastering by David H. Podmore.
Cover art by Gimp and Mousepad.

'Yes Molly' lyric by James Joyce, being Molly Bloom's soliloqy from chapter 18
of his novel 'Ulysses' which is read here by Barbara Jefford. Attributed to
the author under Creative Commons public domain.
'Lies About Iraq' is adapted with thanks from the poem 'To Whom It May Concern
(Tell Me Lies About Vietnam)' by Adrian Mitchell.
'Solar' includes excerpts from 'Golden Apples of the Sun', a short story by
Ray Bradbury. Copyright is in public domain.

LABEL: Little Rascal Records
ARTIST: StoneBones
TITLE: Dub Smash
GENRE: Reggae Dub
RELEASE DATE: 2016-11-03

StoneBones - Yes Molly (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Babylon Rust (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Lies About Iraq (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Take The Pill (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Elastic Dub (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Concious Man (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Civilisation (Outsider Dub)
StoneBones - Dub Unknown (Original Mix)
StoneBones - Solar (Original Mix)

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