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Thread: NI Maschine studio or Push 2 ?

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    NI Maschine studio or Push 2 ?

    Hello. Im not new to music, but new to produce it. I know best way is to play with a mouse at a start and then see do i need something more. But i want and i gonna buy maschine studio or ableton push 2. (or maybe something else?)

    So i dont understand what is better for newbie, maschine studio ar push 2? i want to create minimal/house/techno music. I had read that Push 2 is better. But maschine studio comes with all instruments. And what about push 2 ? i need to create them myself or what? all information is very welcome.

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    Push 2 comes with Ableton Live Intro instead of the full version of Ableton Live and is about $800 USD
    MASCHINE Studio comes with MASCHINE 2.0 and is about $1,000 USD
    Push 2 with Ableton Live 9.7 Suite and is about $1,400 USD.

    They will probably cost more in your country, since most countries have higher import taxes than the USA does.

    So if you can afford it, I would get Push 2 with Ableton Live Suite.

    If that's too expensive, get the MASCHINE Studio.
    Or buy Push 2 with Ableton Live Intro and save up to upgrade the software to Ableton Live Suite.
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    Producing music means (although to me): adding, editing, changing and tweaking constantly your music,untill you arrive at a moment, at which you can say:"my track is finished". Therefore i wouldn't invest in a expensive blinky hardware toy, but in a decent DAW.

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