First, before a few of you blow your top expecting the worst, this was;
A) just an update & to clarify existing rules,
B) to incorporate the mix submission rules into the existing rules
C) to incorporate the SOT rules into the existing rules
D) and yes, add a couple of new rules

Now, there have been a couple of rules implemented that have been a long time coming... & some for clarification for "unspoken rules", clarification, etc, etc.
KLH & I have been working on this, writing, discussing, compromising, editing, rewriting, discussing, compromising, editing... again & again for quite sometime. We now have a final list of rules.

This is the point where we post & discuss the rules section in the forum. If you have questions, need a rule added, changed or deleted, here's your chance to diplomatically discuss the updated & or new rules. Since most of the rules have been updated, changed or added, I wont attempt to discuss each rule, before & without comment. So, here's your chance to ask questions for clarity. If there is something you don't understand or need discussed, please do so here.

For easy reference: (general FAQ page) (specific DJF rules page)