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Thread: Internet vs. Hard Disk

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    Internet vs. Hard Disk

    Really tired to work with hard disks, I'm using internet for the last entire year. Pros: paying a monthly service (Spotify, PCDJ etc) you can have ALL new tracks and stay updated. Cons: internet can be tricky at some places and ruin your life.
    Honestly, I really would love to stick with internet database but I don't feel like having enough ways to trust on that. What do you guys think about? What do you use on your gigs (weddings, private events)? Thanks for the feedback!

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    My only question is if these online streaming services are legal for performance live to a paying audience.
    I know iTunes is a legal minefield, I'd be surprised if these smaller companies are able to ensure the artists get paid their due.
    If it is all fine and dandy, then there is little interest in buying music, for the working DJ.

    20$ a month is the cost of buying only a few tracks, and these services grant access to millions of tracks - the equivalent of many millions of $ of material.
    I don't think there is any DJ service that makes that kind of money.

    As for internet access, a 4G connection is all that is required at a pinch, and that is getting more and more common.
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    How exactly would you use Spotify to DJ an event?

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    I always use hard disks. You can never 100% trust the internet.

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    If I hired you for my event and then found out you'd taken that kind of chance.. risking the success of my event on something as uncontrollable as an internet connection.. I'd be mad as hell and you'd get a bad recommendation from me, and certainly no tip. Even if everything worked fine.

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    what software are you using?
    What is your issue with HD's?

    I have my music on my laptop HD..I back it up to an external drive. I have no issues...i can find songs and play them.

    I have used spotify and apple music to fetch some songs I don't have - i DL to my phone and play off that. PITA for the most part.

    And there are 2 venues where I get no service in side the building. If I had to get my music off the cloud I'd be screwed.

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    There is absolutely no way I'd trust internet for access to music during a gig.

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    Most cell phone provider would offer mobile data internet access for laptops through the use of portable hotspot devices or 3G/4G USB dongles.

    Thats if the cell signal is decent, but sure you can go internet anywhere with a laptop (if your laptop has the ability, old ones may not)
    It will use your data plan, so make sure you have an unlimited plan, if not, too bad so sad.

    I did a few gigs using my Microsoft Cloud's stash & VDJ's music library but like many others said, a HDD or SSD is much easier. Plus the monthly fee for VDJ wasn't worth the time. I quit it after 5-6 months. Instead I bought 2 TB SSD's and they are inside my laptop. Its fast. But if you are using
    a program like PCDJ or Virtual DJ that supplies music, why not use a hot spot unit. Don't use a hot spot unit for video, it will really tax
    things up.
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    Then for some reason, the internet access dies and you call off the gig.

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    Harddrive Only. Occasionally people ask if I can download a song during a set, the answer they get is NO!

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