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    Talking My mixes! ;-D

    figured i might introduce myself. I'm the Middle East COO of The SYNERGY Events, we do special high end fashion events in Boston and NYC and recently in Paris, London and Middle east.

    This is our background: Our facebook fanpage:

    i have been networking with modeling agencies, designers, HMUAs, venues, promoters and other event planners to see if they would like a show like this here in this part of the world. fingers and toes crossed!

    i am an engineer by day and an event planner/dj by night. i love music and absolutely love meeting passionate and career motivated individuals who strive in their lives and move for things which are better and better because that makes me want to try harder in life.

    Born and raised in abu dhabi, left a while back and lived in US for 10 yrs, came back in 2012 to abu dhabi, and then moved to dubai in 2014 to bring my events here ;-D

    we dont do the every weekend promoting BS, we do EVENTS that are geared to the career motivated networking individuals who dont go out that often but when they go out, they really dress up in class and elegance and like to party with style and sophistication. And that is why we DO NOT gear our events to the college crowd who like to puke on the side of the streets and start bar fights. These events are geared to the mature crowd who can handle themselves publicly with a sense of pride.

    I dj on the side as a hobby. Music has always been my passion so it helps me get away from the daily BS in life
    i spin mostly, hip hop, house, top 40, reggaeton, dancehall, international, arabic, and bhangra. i have djed fashion show, bdays, weddings of different traditions and cultures, graduation parties and so forth,

    soundcloud: They are all 80 minute mixes and are available to download on to your laptop for your aural pleasure anytime anywhere
    1st deep house mix: for the morning commute to work YOu can DL it from that page if you wish

    2nd deep house mix: for the drive back home at the end of work week getting ready for the weekend YOu can DL it from that page if you wish
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