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    I have a lot of music ranging over the house/disco genres with all different types/speeds etc, what's the best way to organised on my USB sticks, and cd wallet, should I put them in genre set folders/CDs or per release?

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    I believe iTunes does the sorting by folder automatically.. under Preferences-> Advanced you can set the folder and use the folder sorting method (tick the "Copy files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to Library" too)

    As for CD wallets, you kind of answered your own question.. you can sort them alphabetically if there's a lot of records though (or if it helps you in any way)

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    On USB, especially for disco tunes, I'd recommend organising by tempo and key.

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    i always organize by genre. Easier for me to pick out tracks.

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    I separate by genre, then alphabetically, then when I pull tracks to mix, I sort by bpm, with some exceptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not Applicable View Post
    I separate by genre, then alphabetically, .......
    In a sense, I do too. For those of you who are new & dont know me, I am an old school DJ for the most part. I play everything from The Everly Brothers & The Righteous Brothers to The Eagles to Brooks & Dunn, Merle Haggard to Pit Bull. This is in my "General" section.
    I do play some RnB, EDM, Rap etc. These are in a secondary section that I do play from occasionally & are in a section named Hip Hop, Rap, RnB.....
    Then its in alphabetical order no matter what genre it is or what folder its in.

    So, I do categorize somewhat by genre basically, but some genres are combined by what I play regularly, secondary, thirdly etc.
    I have a Classical & Big Band section like Tony Dorsey, Glen Miller, Andy Williams etc... the 40's & 50's stuff including the original old pop.
    Then I have a Christmas music section, a Halloween section, a Cajun, Zydeco, kids music like "Kids Bop" & Dixieland Jazz section etc.

    So, again, I do categorize by Genre somewhat.

    Once loaded, I sort many times a night depending on what I need. Slow/Fast/line/ 2 step etc dance, genre, era. For example if I need a classic rock, I may sort by genre. If I need a slow 60's song, I'll sort by dance style & year, etc...
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    I agree, there are many offshoots of my genre crates. Good point.

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    All my music is organized by tempo, then genre on my computer. My real records (vinyl) is organized by tempo. Peace be with you...........Rob Mixx

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    Quote Originally Posted by root-r View Post
    On USB, especially for disco tunes, I'd recommend organising by tempo and key.
    +1 for Disco. Not so much by key but tempo for sure.

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    I always organise my library by genre. Every genre has it's crate and there I can sort all tracks by BPM or Key.

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