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    Internet broadcast advice..

    Hello DJF,

    I rarely ask for advice (I embrace the learning by doing-ethic) but now I must admit that my knowledge (and experience) isn't sufficient enough for this. For some background info; I used to do Stickam streams with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder back in the day which was a lot easier..

    Anyway, me and a friend of mine have been thinking of doing an occasional internet broadcast (live stream) from my studio.

    At the moment we have a 1) webcam, 2) the necessary equipment for sound (incl. microphones) and 3) the software. We'd utilize a program called Open Broadcaster Software in conjunction with Youtube (there's also a quick mode which uses Google Hangouts which has been taken into consideration). The sound bit rate would be 192kbps which is, from what I've understood, pretty much the standard.

    This would be the approximate camera angle (I do have CDJs and turntables too..). The text could be filled with the playing track/artist name/etc. Any thoughts on that? (edit : the screencap w/ text was done in another software, sorry about that.. I got it working with OBS though)

    Ideas are always welcome, I'm pretty sure there's something I haven't taken into account (except for booze and bad jokes)..


    EDIT : Added a few side notes.

    EDIT 2.0 : Well after an hour or so of tweaking I got something like this in OBS using TweetDeck extension for Google Chrome

    What's going on in there basically is that the program (OBS) captures an area of a window (TweetDeck)

    EDIT 3.0 : It looks even cooler when the color theme is changed to dark..

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