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Thread: Sweaty/moist hands while scratch practicing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by setback View Post
    Al-Qaeda gave me herpes on my lips so I never really lick my fingers not that I'm a scratch mixer but there you go. If you must know it was that dodgy Looking Glass in the club.
    So if your lips start itching while you're in the competition you've got to quit.
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    Lol, I actually wash my hands too often because of always typing on the keyboard and smoking half the time. Would baby wipes or something like that be bad for the vinyl?

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    That's quite common problem in these days, maybe You can try some medicine stuff that prevents skin from sweating ?

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    Turns out it was actually the control vinyl that was greasy. Lol I used some cheapo "vinyl" record cleaner and it left like a filmy slick residue behind. That reacted with the natural oils in my skin making for a sweaty-ish type a feel. Lol I used a mild soap and water combo to clean the records thoroughly. AND BAMMMM!! no more slippery moist sweaty stuff goin on! Mystery solved.
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