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Thread: Ellissentials - Chromium (Original Mix) - Diablo Loco Records - Now on Beatport

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    Ellissentials - Chromium (Original Mix) - Diablo Loco Records - Now on Beatport

    Hey all! If any of you feel like supporting me, I have an Original track out today that's dark, edgy and all sorts of fun. Purchases today (and for the next few days) are so important to reflect on the chart, so please....if you have $2.49 I'd REALLY appreciate you picking this up. Even if it's not your "cup-o-tea" for music, you'd be supporting me in something that's very important (for me)

    Please head to the link, and purchase this track, if you can afford the $2.49. It only takes a minute to help me here


    Here's a full length, lower quality preview:

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    Not only is it pretty cool that Chromium jumped 20 spots up to number 60 over night, but how interesting it's below such older songs on a 2016 chart

    If you haven't yet picked it up, please help propel this track into the higher ends of this chart! It's just about a couple bucks... not much for some massive support! C-mon DJF family!!!


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    # 34! You're doing it guys!! C-mon DJF family and friends... now is the time to support something you really care about! Just a couple bucks really, and a few moments's WORKING!

    Please, don't delay! If you're considered picking it up then there is no better time! Top 10 is possible at this pace, but it takes YOU to make it happen. If you're reading this, please take a moment.


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    #20 today. I could REALLY use you guys!! I'm posting this here because you're all family to me....I've been coming to DJF since November 2004. I couldn't mix a can of beans before I came here, and now I have all these amazing achievements. I really love to share in them with you!

    Please snag this track. I'm so proud of it!

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    HOLY SMOKES!!! #15!?!

    You know how, for over a week I've been saying "oh hey, buy now it'll impact it"....firstly, see this? This is all amazing! Secondly, see this and not purchased? YOU can help get this into the Top 10 if you stop everything right now and pick it up! I've never been in the Top 10, and would really enjoy that feeling

    Thank you all so much for considering! I'm happy that Chromium was a successful release so far!


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