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    I'm actualy looking for some tracks from the artist "Trance-fOrces"

    I'm trying to menaging a heritage for his work, because he quit the scene with a damaged HDD - it would be a shame to forget this beautiful space trance tracks.

    Asking for the tracks is not illegal - they are all free releases and I'm in contact with Trance-fOrces/Skyrosphere/Vincenzo Rattinger.

    Here is the list:

    Mission Impossible 2 - Theme (Trance-fOrces Remix) 'Discofox Meisterschaft'
    Trance-fOrces - Starlight
    Trance-fOrces - Star-Rider (Thunderflash-Remix)
    Trance-fOrces - Intro [Deep Into The Space Album]
    Trance-fOrces - The Deep Dance Time
    Trance-fOrces - Illusion Of The Planets (Day-Night Hardmix)
    Trance-fOrces vs. Booster feat. Romee D. - Engine Of The Night
    Trance-fOrces - Travel By Infinite Universum
    Trance-fOrces - Endless Universe
    Trance-fOrces - The Last Journey
    Trance-fOrces - Deep Into The Space (Club Mix)

    Any clue is important!

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    Then that page links to a recording label:

    Which falls under Neptune records:

    all styles in Trance Music
    Parent Label:
    Neptun Records
    Contact Info:
    Maybe try to get in touch with these people? Looking at the net adress, they're from Germany. Just a suggestion....

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