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Thread: Hawtin’s MODEL 1 mixer

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    What soundcard do people use with this? Is there anything with db25 outputs? Ideally if you wanted to use all computer sources with send return you'd need a 16 output soundcard.
    It says here that he uses an RME Fireface:

    The DB-25 connector has a "standard" pinout so you can buy a cable for it to connect to whatever interface:

    But of course, like any "standard".. watch out.. because there are at least THREE different pinouts (some analog, some digital). The answer to which is used here is probably in the Allen & Heath manual.
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    Mm yeah, also full rack size. Was thinking a couple of esi gigaport could work but no inputs for send/returns.

    Yeah xone96 seems much better value.

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    Def the xone 96 is a better "value".. it just has MORE.. and the interface built in. But they are really targeted at different users.. the 96 is intended to have broad appeal and they are going to sell lots of them since it's the replacement for the 92.. so it has a little of this, little of that. The model 1 is more of a boutique mixer, you DON'T get a little of this a little of that.. you get six channels, all the same, all with the same unusual EQ setup, the two headphone sections are both full featured, unlike the 96.. and then.. balanced inputs, balanced mix bus, high voltage rails.. so yea.. they are going for a top quality analog mixer with the model 1 that is gonna appeal to certain high end users who want that and who will change their mixing style to work with those EQ's, which isn't going to be too many people.. and other people are either find it too limiting or too expensive.

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