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Thread: Garage Music (classic)

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    Garage Music (classic)

    I'm going through my music collections trying to identify classic garage music. I'm not very good with this genre and need to sort it out as I'm getting asked about it more and more recently!
    Any good real popular tracks would be appreciated I'm not really interested in not so popular stuff!

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    I liked the 90s garage scene because the atmos was always chilled out and the ladies would wear the pink boas and the men could wear the funky Harry Hill style shirts they found in a charity shop. Nothing was taken too seriously but the best part was the music had the best shake your arse beat.

    Not sure if this was a big hit at the time of release but this is my favourite garage track and I remember it for having a good beat, male vocals saying the word 'sexy' a lot and a catchy female chorus. The perfect ingredients really.

    Brings back memories of when I could dance in the club for hours and still stay up all night
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    Your name Indicates, that you are talking about UK-Garage, Speed Grage, Bassline

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