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Thread: Introduction as new site administrator

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    Introduction as new site administrator

    You will notice that the site has two new site administrators.

    KLH & I have been upgraded to Administrators by -J & Stripe. Their life has taken them down a path where they haven't been able to over see the site as was intended. Therefore, after talking with Ken & I, they have decided to make us new site administrators.

    Having said this, KLH & I are new to this admin stuff for this specific site & having never been behind the scenes of DJF, it will take us a little while to get things sorted out & get to know that part of the site. Its a complicated place back there & while we still do not have full access to ALL area's back there like the owners do, we hopefully will be able to address some of the things that have been lagging for some time now. In this respect, KLH & I ask that you remain patient with us as we learn whats what & how to get things done. -J & Stripe still will not be around much if at all, so it will be left up to KLH & I to kinda figure this out on our own. Again, because of this, its still going to be a slow process & again, we do NOT have access to all areas of the site & can not fix everything, so, we ask for your understanding & patience.

    Our goal here is to address all the needs that we can for you, the members of DJF. Having said that, its why we have started this thread in the Site Discussion forum section:
    It is for you to give your suggestions, state your concerns & hopefully over time, we will be able to address at least most of these suggestions.

    If you need anything from us or have suggestions for us, you can post them in the site discussion forum section... or you can contact either of us via PM if you have something that you need to discuss in private or be a little more discreet.

    Thank you in advance for your support,

    aka Dixie
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    If anything, please look into the SoundCloud plugin. It's seriously out of date

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    Nice one, as slow as it might be to learn everything, I'm sure it's going to be a hell of a lot quicker than waiting on the owners.
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    Cool, you got access to the administrator's sub-forum.
    All the fun stuff goes down there.
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    Thanks for the love, guys. As Dixie said, we're trying to come up to speed with everything. It will take time. Still, we don't want to drop the ball on the excellent feedback that the community has offered. This is still DJF. Every voice matters.

    So speak up, guys and gals. Let's make this little corner of the internet great again.
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    Good luck guy's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonitz
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    This is excellent to hear! Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing some improvements here

    Oh by the way if you guys need a tech guy, I'm here! Been running another forum for 3 years now.
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