Hi guys, I'm looking for a usb interface to connect to my Windows 10 computer.

This isn't for DJing, but rather for playing music out to a PA mixer or directly into powered PA or studio monitor speakers
and for recording directly from a condenser microphone, spoken word content onto a computer.

I was using an MAudio MobilePre and loved it, but it doesn't support Windows 10 and support for it is dead now from what I can tell, so looking to move on.

Because Windows 10 is so new, most of the products out there that MIGHT work, don't officially say they do yet, and don't have Win10 specific drivers. I know a lot of interfaces had trouble with Win7 which could usually be worked around, so I don't want to take a chance. I need to get this and do a recording with it ASAP, so I don't have time to get something that MIGHT or SHOULD work fine.

I'm looking in the $100 range and would like something like the Scarlett 2i2 but it is a bit more than I want to pay... trying to keep this under $100.

Need phantom power
Prefer balanced outs
Prefer 2 input channels but only one needs to have a mic pre option.
Would consider a USB small format mixer if it featured 2-way operation, and not just recording.

I'm considering a Behringer UC22 which has midas pre-amps, but not the less expensive UC2 which has Xenyx pre-amps. Not sure if it plays well with Windows 10.

Not sure if it fills the bill or not, but the Peavey PV6 v2 looks promising, but looks like it isn't in stock yet, having been recently announced.
I am also considering getting the Blue Icicle for my immediate needs or recording, and then getting the Scarlett 2i2 later when my cash flow increases (in a little over a week assuming Chase Mortgage doesn't drop the ball AGAIN -- I have a house that's been in escrow for 2 1/2 months and for which I've been promised funding to me in the next few days, for over a month now.)

I can get a Scarlett Solo for $60 locally off Craigslist, but it doesn't have balanced outs.
I can also get a ART Dual Pre for $50 off Craigslist or around $65 new.

Any first hand knowledge with Windows 10 or comments on specific interfaces' sound quality is appreciated.