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Thread: EK - Keep Firing (Ellissentials Remix)

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    EK - Keep Firing (Ellissentials Remix)

    Today's release day, and among the 500 other releases (seemingly) I have MY release today! I only release so many each year, and I have 4 releases coming out in the next months time.. pretty nifty!

    Friends, DJF family, and friends of friends and DJF family.....wonderful chance today to give the gift of "Charting". For $2.49 you could give the most powerful gift this season, and even YOU can benefit from this. For donating the $2.49, you will be rewarded with this lovely Breakbeat remix by me, Ellissentials, and can use this in your live gigs, live streaming events and much more! You think "Oh hey, I'm spending $2.49 on someone and giving them the gift of charting", but little did you know that you as well...get a present!

    So, now is the time. Want to organically make something move on a chart for me, and give the gift of Charting this year? $2.49 is such a small amount, but if 20+ of you purchase today...the gift of Charting will begin tomorrow, and hopefully I will then have the "12 days of Charting" and see how far we can climb! Tell your mom, your dad, your moms dad... and see how many copies we can sell!!

    Thank you all and have a great Holiday Season!

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    That drop.

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    Glad you enjoy it Manu

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    Another day is fading away.. I entered the chart today at #85

    If you're just now seeing this, and want to help get a DJF member to organically climb a Beatport chart, please head to the link in the original post and take the $2.49 to help support! Let's get this in the Top 10!

    Click HERE for larger image

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    Projected to #68 in the Beatport Breaks Top 100 chart, over the evening! Please snag your copy and show support. What else are you spending $2.49 on today? I know spending this $2.49 will put a huge smile on this guys face

    Use promo code MXMGDEC15 for 15% off your whole cart.

    (Yes, I just used a picture of a kitty to get your attention.... )

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    "Top 10 Must Hear Breaks" chart and moved up to the #60 position on Beatport
    You're all wonderful and I appreciate the support like none other. But oh wait..... this post caught your eye and you have not purchased yet?! Please, if you have $2.49 the time to support is now! Not next time, or "hey I talk to the guy that's support enough" .. it's only $2.49 to help make something move organically. Tis the season, please allow mine to continue staying bright and click the link to support!

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    Even higher today!

    Moved up to #42 in the Beatport Breaks Top 100 Chart. This is cool

    Any of you not seen this to help push this up? If you haven't purchased yet, OOOOooooo YOUR purchase will project this up directly! Please, get on this! Let's see this hit the Top 10.

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    I approve of this track.
    There's nothing like some deep, fat, controlled bass

    But seriously, your stuff is really really good, head and shoulders above than most of the stuff out there.
    Album plz.
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    I approve of this track.
    There's nothing like some deep, fat, controlled bass

    But seriously, your stuff is really really good, head and shoulders above than most of the stuff out there.
    Album plz.
    Thanks a lot Pete! The words mean more than you will ever know good sir. I truly mean this! :aok: As for a full album... stand by for 2016

    Wow, this is awesome everyone!! Look what you're helping do!! Today, we've moved up many places to #26 on the Beatport Breaks Top 100 Singles Chart.

    This was achieved because you, yes YOU, have seen the previous posts and made the decision to take the $2.49 and directly help watch this rise. Without my friends, family and musical supporters, this would not be happening. Sure, some people are now seeing it on the chart and giving it a listen, but it wouldn't have even been there if you all didn't care. Thank you very much!

    But hey... let's get this in the Top 10 shall we?! Tell everyone you know that is willing to support and donate to a good cause. This has been a wonderful gift this year, and if we could get it into the Top 10, I think I'd be just about the happiest producer of the year

    C-mon guys.. $2.49 and a few moments of your time. It doesn't take much, but the impact is tremendous. Click the link below and take the leap forward, please!

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    Here we go.. last push should get into the Top 10.. if just a few of you see this and purchase!!

    Moved up to #16, and the Top 10 is RIGHT there!

    Please consider taking just the few moments!!

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