Mackie 16 channel CR1604 Mixer with 2 microphone cables one it thick it from Musicansfriend the other is really thing and a unnknow brand microphone maybe a AKG or Radioshack brand for $115 local. The mixers seems to work nicely with 30 min of testing

Optimus SSM-1750 4 channel 2 microphone hookups with sound effects echo and reverb for $37 with shipping only things I can get to work is the main microphone hookup seems to be really quite and I can get the effects to work

I I just scored a Gemini PT 2000 for $83 with shipping on Facebook Marketplace. It does not come with the rubber slipmat and no 45 adapter I have both with another turntable I will use. Also it looks like it have been used some and it comes with a Audio Technica needle not sure which model. I should receive it on Wednesday

Fospower 15ft rca cable

Pig Hog 10ft 3.5 mm Stereo to Dual 1/4 cable

Pig Hog 4 10ft 3.5 mm to Dual RCA cable

I am building a studio for my internet radio station Phat Beats Radio on a budget I do not have $4000 to $7000 on higher end equipment