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Thread: * Brag About The Gear You Just Bought Thread *

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    I put the smack down on the casinos last month. Payed off all the cards and FINALLY picked up new gear with what was left over.

    2x 1000MK2
    2x MR8 MK3

    djhookup. I probably could have shopped a bit harder to find slightly better pricing, but honestly I could care less even if I paid $200 more. I wanted that shit and got tired of waiting. Mixer was $590. Fukk it. Came with Rekordbox license key

    The MK3's are fukkin LOUD. Almost too loud for my apartment. I have to set the trim and master at zero db and turn the knob on the back carefully. Everything should be cool. The guy in the unit next to me is a pilot who is rarely ever home. The people below me are loud as fuk all the time so they can kiss my a$$. The other neighbor is too far away to hear shit.

    Decks are still in the box. I'll open em when I get the desk. Pretty sure I'm gonna get the Freddie Workstation from Ikea. I went in there the other day and took some measurements.

    Edit: I finally got the desk. All set up now.

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    Been having some fun with my yamaha RX-V677 amp and my Bose 802 speakers!

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    Bought my first decks last month, Pioneer DDJ-SB3. Affordable and was recommended to me by most people, not a fan of Serato though!

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    just got the sz2. Who else loves it? regrets it?

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    just got the ddj sz2. So excited.

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    nice by why do you have 2 pairs of the same monitors? i put the pair in storage and free up some much needed space
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    Quote Originally Posted by djknowledge View Post
    nice by why do you have 2 pairs of the same monitors? i put the pair in storage and free up some much needed space
    haha everybody asks me that question. i bought the 1st 2 brand new and then saw someone selling the other 2 locally for a good price, so i snagged it. i could put them away for storage but i like the look of it, haha. i originally had it setup this way at my last place:

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