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Thread: dub reggae?

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    dub reggae?

    yo guys

    lately i have been really into the dub reggae sound, any good labels or mixes i need to check out?

    Im not entirely sure about the genre but im talking about a really vibey "distant" kind of reggae with less focus on the vocals and more on the rhytms and percussion and ofcourse alot of reverb, god i love it.

    old or new doesnt matter just hit me with what you got!

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    Also, Nick Mannaseh's good. British guy.

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    also check Tuff Scout - great label for re-dubs and original tracks

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    Here is Roots Radics album I strung together for 15 minutes of listening. Look up some of the Steelie and Cleavie stuff as well for some 90s digital style dubs. They came out with some wicked versions.
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