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Thread: Are you aware of what you are doing and how you look?

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    I know for a fact i end up tapping the cue button at least 20 or so times on beat before hitting the play button despite knowing the track is cued properly. Other than that i don't know but i'm sure there's stuff i do
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    My right leg twitches to the beat when I mix

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    I'm usually hyperfocused, and nodding my head to the beat, so I look pissed off. Like that person who is out dancing to relieve some stress so that they don't jump off of a bridge later.

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    i don't even want to know what my face looks like after staring at ableton for 4 hours of producing. stiff neck drool and frustrated eyebrows. probably would be pretty funny

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    I have been told I scratch with my right hand and always fade with my left, I have a naturally adjust my arm to bend in a way as to not rest on the right platter when scratching or adjusting tempo of my left. Sure I am right handed, but I am coordinated enough with my left to cut the fader when scratching, I also am capable of scratching with my left, but naturally i choose my right when in a important setting for efficiency. A wedding reception with over 500 guests dancing is not the place to prove I can scratch left handed
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    as long as you are doing the right thing and not pretending to be moving faders/nobs when there is no effect when doing so , you are good .. if you are jamming a session you can jump and get the crowd more pumped up ! instead of doing nothing

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    Very funny but it is a fact that we all have mannerisms in some ways... When I am behind the decks I'm always very happy with that big smile in my face... from begining to the end... When mixing, even after 20 years, I am very meticulous and I stare at the decks and the mixer... once the track is in and the EQ's properly set, my right hand goes up and my index point to the sky obviously following the beat.... as if I am telling the crowd «this is the beat» or «wait a drop is comming» my head is also nodding to the beat... like a bubble head... he he he

    I used to hate my weird mannerisms but every body around me thinks that it makes me different, funny, communicative and they tell me they love it... In the end, what's important is my performance and make sure they enjoy my set... Oh! and yes... me having fun too.
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    I am . I always try to vibe to my own mix. If you look like you're having fun, the audience can feed off of your good vibes. I like to sway, bob, smile, the whole nine yards. I always make sure I look like I know what I'm doing between transitions as well.

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    I don't move much. I never throw my hands up or jump around. I can't stand DJs that get all pumped up to a track and act like they are doing something amazing even if all they did was beat match and transition.

    In my opinion, playing other peoples records rarely equates to the right to act as a worshiped god. It is all the rage now for DJs to put on a exaggerated performance. To me it should be about feeling the crowd and how they react to the music instead of them reacting to me. Programming is what separates the good from the decent. At least it used to be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomJockey View Post
    I have a resting dick face, so people always think I'm mad.

    I had a girl in the club come up to the booth once and said I needed to smile. I treated it like a request and said no. Smile mixing. Ha.
    Ditto on resting bitch face, my "concentrating" face makes me look like I'm not having fun. When I have a few dancers to vibe off my expression completely changes though! A common behavioural tick I noticed in other Dj's is scratching or rubbing their noses too, from local guys in my city right up to international DJs.

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