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Thread: Beatmatching, is it a must?

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    What you plays the most important thing really, but yea, pretty important i'd say!

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    You'll have to know it whether you use sync or not because you can't use sync until you've set up the beat grid or warped your tracks. The way to do this is to match all tracks to the master tempo metronome, so when you do this you will have to beatmatch to the clicking noise.

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    Absolutely critical for us. We'll never beatgrid anything by eye anyway, everything is done by ear. Plus it's a good skill to have
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    I started when beatmatching was the only option - 2 turntables and a mixer. Bought loads of vinyl that was very expensive. I have since ripped all my vinyl and converted it to mp3s. I still buy vinyl because there are tracks you just cant get in beatport or online stores. I like having a physical item that is actual music, holding it, having stacks of vinyl. I love it.

    I turned to the digital world with a DVS system and that opened me up to a ton of new music for very cheap. Still had to beatmatch.

    I now use a Numark ns6 and use the info provided by Serato, but still beatmatch.

    One of the problems with not being able to beatmatch is what do you do when sync is off? Also, you need to learn phrasing, which is as or even more important than matching beats. I just had an instinct for this, I spent a lot of times hanging out and dancing in clubs, so I knew the way music was supposed to go together. I never counted the beats, though - to me this was counter-intuitive to the flow of the music. Making it a numbers game can throw off how you listen to the song playing and distracts you from how you want to bring in the new track.

    I have also done weddings and still beatmatched for the dancing part of the event. I have DJ friendly copies of pop and top 40 tracks that allow me to do so and you can also make your own by just adding a simple drum beat to the beginning of the song.

    I think beatmatching is a necessary ability of a DJ. I don't think you can really feel the flow of music if you are just pressing a button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not Applicable View Post
    I don't think you can really feel the flow of music if you are just pressing a button.
    ^^^This. It's not that I have any problem with people using sync or other features, it's more that I hear a lot of sets played with sync where the beat matching is of course perfect and the mixing is acceptable, yet the overall flow is not so good, tracks are mixed together that should not be and the overall feel is just lacking. Sync enables DJs who would in the past be forced to get better before they can get out there and play to be able to get in front of crowds and through their computer aided mixing give the illusion that they know what they are doing when they do not. For those DJs who DO have a feel for the music and know what they are doing this criticism is not aimed at you whether you use sync or not does not matter so long as you somehow learned what you need to know somehow. But the reality is that the often painful process of learning to mix by ear forces the learning of a lot of other skills that are difficult to quantify.. and it's those skills that the button pushing DJs will tend to lack. Not always but usually.

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    I've always compared it to driving a car.

    True, you could spend your whole life driving automatics and never really have any problem getting where you're going. But what would happen if you were in a situation where you MUST drive a manual? Suddenly, you're not a very good driver are you?

    Same with DJ'ing. If you HAD to beat match, suddenly you're not a very good DJ.

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    I'd say it's important to do. And when done right, frees you up to mess around and do other stuff. Samples, remix decks, incorporate other gear. If you're not keeping it all in sync, then it just sounds terrible.

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    Of course it is. If you don't beatmatch then there is no song structure. Tempo and time signature are the most fundamental aspects to any piece of music.

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    Id say its truly the primary way to mix but of course if youre r ally good at dropping on the ones etc then I suppose that could also work for you. Id say learn to use loop and beat match and you will be a DJ.

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