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Thread: EDM Video Battle - TheRabbitMonk vs Baller95

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    EDM Video Battle - TheRabbitMonk vs Baller95

    Video 1

    Video 2

    - EDM
    - About 20 mins
    - Controller or CDJ only

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    Nice mix Rabbit! I'm going to need some tracks that you've used. Good luck

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    It's no secret that i love both you guy's ...Made this a difficult battle to judge without bias ..... So i decided to play the mixes and not watch the videos and apply just one metric " What mix would i like to hear if i was out ? "
    So based on that alone i listened to both back to back and chose MIX 2....It's just about my taste in music over anything else.
    Mix 2 hooked me in and took me on a journey

    No need for me to critique the styles or skills ... Clearly both Pro's Awesome battle ... Good Luck to you both


    PS .... Just so you know .... It was simple to spot who was doing what mix

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    Decent mix my friend, I'll be at my laptop later and I'll msg you the track listing.

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    Decent mix my friend, I'll be at my laptop later and I'll msg you the track listing.

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    One vote ? .... 1 ? .... C'mon DJF wtf ?

    BUMP !

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    Thanks for the feedback Usta! +repped

    Alright sound good Rabbit!

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    Listen and saw both videos And it was a tough one imo but video 1 gets my vote,

    Heres the breakdown -
    Video 1 got my attention as i noticed from his controller that there werent any cue points set to skip to certain sections and and it seems as thought he was just mixing from intro, it was great except at 7.49 intro which didnt quite tie into the outro. Loved the use of effects before drops as well! The mashup at 11:31 was perfectly timed however the gain, on the vocal before the drop on Borgeous Big bang could have been increased to match or vise versa - hands up could have been increased slightly less than max, but still nice! Loved every bit of hardstyle and when you moved back to drum and bass that did it for me.

    Video 2 - i loved the play on cue and the crossfader for chop effects; very smooth mixing as well especially at the 4min mark. I was looking forward to the scratch at 5mins and 13minutes but i couldnt hear either of it very much but i could imagine it - was abit of a dissapointt At 7min from the transition, the levels coming in from the new track seems to be seemingly lower than the track before, the levels then increased at about 10:40 from the incoming track. Overall a very nice mix with a lot going on but just lacking on the little details.

    As i said was a tough one to vote for so kudos to both DJ's! Hope to see more of your stuff again!

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    Thanks for taking the time to vote and listen.
    Repped for your troubles.

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    Thanks for listening @kueymo! +repped

    I'll be listening to your EDM battle within the next couple days.

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