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Thread: Front page banner feature on!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AH- View Post

    Well done, man.
    Thank you very much AH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellissentials View Post
    Thank you very much AH
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    It's amazing what yesterday was like. Non-stop messages from many of my supporters praising this release. Awesome what one day can do, as we shot to #8 in the Top 100 Breaks Releases on Beatport, over night!

    Thank you all, and if you haven't had a moment to support, please do so! Each and every single purchase means the world honestly! $6.99, c-mon you can help majorly support this release!

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    tight work brother.
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    Day 2! We've moved up to the #5 release in the Top 100 Breaks releases on Beatport​ and the Colombo​ remix has entered the Top 100 Breaks Singles chart at #62!!

    Thanks for all support, and if you're seeing this now and haven't purchased, then please take this's really about the cost of a pack of cigarettes with thrice the gratification!

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    AWESOME TRACK!!!! Congrats, Elli!

    For those wondering why this is still in the General section, here's the reason: Ellissentials has been a long-time active member on DJF. After a while, we will move this post, but for now we'll leave this in general because... How's the expression go?

    "Long-time membership has its priviledges."
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    Quote Originally Posted by KLH View Post
    AWESOME TRACK!!!! Congrats, Elli!
    Thanks so much KLH! This is so awesome!

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    That's very impressive! Congrats
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    Quote Originally Posted by andymunro View Post
    That's very impressive! Congrats
    Cheers Andy!

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    This is where we're at today...Not #1 yet, so please purchase and support if you have not.
    Full Release: #4
    Colombo Remix: #42
    Original Mix: #87

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