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Thread: Gdd027 out now + dope ammo digi 006 out now

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    Gdd027 out now + dope ammo digi 006 out now

    GDD027 Jungle Jeff - Informa / Good Sensi Weed

    Out Now on Global Domination Digital is a smasher of a single from GDD's Exclusive signing Jungle Jeff. This is just a taste of what is to come from him before his long awaited debut Ep (Ghosts Of The Jungle) drops later in the year.

    Informa kicks off with a unique crisp rolling drumbeat that drives the track along, stopping and stuttering along the way. A lush pad and a mellow melody ease you in, and a arpeggio layered behind adds some intensity. As various vox shots cut in and out, then down into the calm before the storm. It builds up to a huge drop into a immense industrial onslaught of twisted basslines that evolve and step up at every opportunity.

    Good Sensi Weed sets the tone from the off with a processed rasta vox sample, the ragga vibes carry on with some moody atmospheric pads. As the drums kick in, they build up to a simple step beat which builds up subtly and then drops with a cry of "Shabba!" Into a melodic arrangement of filthy jump up basslines that make your face screw up like your sucking lemon. Thats not all just when you think you know what coming the second drop hits and its all change!!

    This release has been supported by in clubs and on Fm/Internet radio stations by Dj's such as Dj Spice (Kool FM & Foundation Records), Dj Twista (Nothing Long & Origin Fm), AshAttack (Bassdrive), Bassface Sacha (Stereotype), Shrust (Phantom Dub & Ruff Radio ), Manga (Neutronic Beats), Shortee (Urban Assult), Warren B (Global Dnb), Breakneck, Macky G and many more.

    Available To Buy Now From

    Also Available Now - Dope Ammo Digi 006

    (Exclusive to Juno Download for next 2 weeks Before Full Release 2oth Febuary)
    Dope Ammo Records kick of 2012 with a bang! A digital 2-track masterpiece with an added bonus track for good measure!

    Dope Ammo team up alongside new DA Recs artist Oldman and bring you a fresh new jump up track entitled “Dean Man”.
    “Dead Man” begins with a wicked sinister style film intro and phat crisp beats. This leads to a vocal interlude, which then gives way to a massive dirty bassline drop with a sub bass that is sure to destroy any sound system!!!! This tracks bubbles along nicely and keeps interesting with its bassline switch ups and key changes!

    Introducing a new artist on the AA, Delayed Reaction, who has been sending demos to the DA camp for many months perfecting his style and skillz. When hearing World at War DA HQ signed the track instantly and worked closely with Delayed Reaction to make the track an absolute jump up anthem! Already gaining heavy support from Innovation DJ’s including the legendary DJ Phantasy this track is sure to do really well.

    Finally Dope Ammo and Oldman complete this awesome digital pack with a hip-hop influenced bonus track entitled “Say What Ya Think”

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