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Thread: Ecler Nuo 3/4 - opinions wanted

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    I own and use and old NUO 3 (the all black one without the silver bits) and it's still my mixer of choice. The sound out of them is just so musical, one way or another.

    I got it about ten years back, and at the time I had exactly the same question, I think it was about the time everyone was buying XZones and Pionerr 400's.

    Everyone was telling me I must get an A&H. The Ecler just seemed more organic.

    They are very basic, but they do actually feel like a musical instrument. I would heavily recommend a NUO3.

    They're not perfect either - they have a couple of quirks, but that only seems to add to the charm rther than being annoying like on other mixers.

    Only thing is - didn't they go bankrupt a while back? Or are they in business?

    Edit - they have the best eq's hands down. This is the main reason you buy an Ecler.
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    Actually I suppose I'd better be bothered to explain the quirks :

    1 : They're very light, despite their outstanding build quality. They can slide around a bit if you don't sandwich them between something.

    2 : It's a touch fiddly on the gain controls if you want your faders up at full and setting the volume on the gain. The reason for this is that if you want to stay in the green, it's quite a fine adjustment due to the phono preamps being of a very high calibre, therefore you have so much headroom, often you are about volume 1 on the gain otherwise it starts going into the yellow. But weigh this up against the fact that they respond very favourably to going into the yellow and even the red, like analogue gear does. Also, the gain controls are very responsive to fine adjustment, so it's just a matter of getting used to making tiny adjustments on those particular controls.

    3 : They have a jumper which controls output, and I'm sure lightomatic can explain this better, but they don't have the most powerful output straight out of the box. I understand you can adjust this internal jumper to make the output higher. Light can correct me if I'm wrong here.

    I hope point no. 2 made sense.

    Points 2 and 3 I suspect arise from Ecler being concerned about sound quality.

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    Yea I agree the gain is pretty high, mine stay under 12 o'clock most of the time with Pioneer CDJs as input, but iPods etc have lower output and I'm glad to have the gain. It's a tiny bit fiddly but not terribly so.

    And yea full up on the channel fader is how these work best.. that's where the master meter/master cue will exactly match the level of the channel meter/channel cue.

    As far as the output setting, yes there's a jumper to increase the output from I think 0dBv nominal to +6, but I've never switched them.. The mixer has plenty of output for my system.. if anything I prefer that it doesn't have more output because this way I can run the master at 100%, and have the meters hitting even +6 yet have enough headroom coming into my analog leveler (first piece of the audio chain in my amp rack).. So a DJ pushing the levels can't distort easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by light-o-matic View Post
    Yea I agree the gain is pretty high, mine stay under 12 o'clock most of the time with Pioneer CDJs as input, but iPods etc have lower output and I'm glad to have the gain. It's a tiny bit fiddly but not terribly so.
    Exactly. They seem to understand about headroom. The vinyl preamps seem bionic in them - straight through vinyl is about 9 or 10 o clock I find, with all the headroom in the world. Playing Serato through the line inputs I find the same as you, it's about 12 o clock.

    I'm glad to see this little gem of a mixer hasn't been forgotten about, and people are still thinking of it as a possibility. I always thought they were overshadowed by all the A&H hype and Pioneer stuff, but it's nice to see people still considering them as a great alternative.

    Reaonably priced, too.

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    Yea they are trying to accommodate all possible inputs.. The standard RCA line level is -10dBu, but Pioneer and other DJ brands often output much higher.. eg the CDJ-350 is spec'd at +2dBv.. that's a 14dB difference between sources before you even get into level differences from one recording to another. There are also vast differences in output between many DJ carts (which tend to favor high output) and Hifi carts. So for the quite high output of the CDJ and the aggressive mastering of the tracks to cause me to ride the gain around 11 o'clock or less is not unreasonable.

    I actually have the same observation re my old Soundcraft dmix club mixer, it has quite a bit of gain compared to the newer stuff.. Prob because there is less need to accommodate different types of analog sources these days so they optimize for CD and computers.. and for carts they assume high output DJ carts.

    But yea the Ecler is still my favorite to mix on.. Plenty of headroom.. and the gain structure is exactly right. Having unity be full up on the master, as well as having the meters before the master, is a godsend for sound engineers and for djs who mix in headphones.. and I am both And of course yea, the EQ's are fantastic. It is a shame that these are now discontinued.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicadraus View Post
    The Nuo 3 or 3.0 will be perfect. Because eventually, you will need that extra channel later on.
    Any major differences between the two?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aza View Post
    Any major differences between the two?
    Nuo 3 has more inputs but the Nuo 3.0 has individual LED meters on each channel.
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