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Thread: beatport naming/tagging system

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    beatport naming/tagging system

    i find i have to fix the tags on all my beatport purchases after i download them
    they come out with a serial number in the name, artist field is blank and as standard it says "original mix" on every single track, which i delete
    its a pain in the neck to be honest, but its ok if you do it straight away when you buy the music because the information remains in your download list for a while.
    however i have some older music i never fixed, and now i actually dont know the artist names in many cases, i dont know if theres a way to go back and find out.

    is there a remedy for all this? something im doing wrong in the beatport settings? or if this is just the way beatport is , is it not driving people crazy?

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    Did you send them a message?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    Did you send them a message?
    i have done just now, since you mentioned it
    but was wondering if this is the same experience others have
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    yeah, turns out its because im downloading WAVS which have no tags, they recommend AIFFs because they have tags

    i think they should just name the wavs properly IMO.. but anyways..

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    I agree they should name the ways right. Back in the days of original Napster we all settled on “Artist - Song (Remixer Remix)” at a bare minimum.
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