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Thread: Post pics of your setup

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    This is my living room... I have a very tolerant wife

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Redikulus View Post
    This is my living room... I have a very tolerant wife

    [IMG] CQRuTFfZ4nI3ANS3NhTeOLM5bZBYmCHo5TMOD8w-dXWFpAQ8Mg7y9q5j7jkIAB_bjMqY0SuJktxUbU7V7_y8mCRaKr v-WSnffGRCm4JJyEBuv_TKTWe-Ha8cqw_5CjkrU-xu0-VW0CJxb7Hlc9IARejNyCYLDvZAe6zxHObPPzq0z8XoAmO_RbhN V-aKpz6OoeqEFtpcBHgldDzvxq-yMUq85Qv1ZIVYlkvEiPmFcunCNjna7txun8ADHnw6Ju8SXee8e Qf1RtwvGwbJAEsYEjjRmKc1qhrpNZDLVPCidiYWDmRAaojjWBV FpY0mMYTQmfNSRCOi2BjtOks1qah0tUZqQ4ci8rnOB3h7gSwr-O9wKAu_8uKy7aNE_ynv2yOFiF6xtw_D6H1ycqY2x0hrQVP2bq_ Co3L4niU8571x8xo1o7mC2VMlyUP3bk2q0yQoMKy47bZhEU5Ky ejwKcOsppafeIGYgrs1AZqwv6QFtYVrSzLN86FfnH6STrJokwZ tI6Oc4HbI0jicPVJHBnJCme5UdKOpZT-HUqrK693_WLnTn2WuKGIE9W1t0nkh10UcXyqxAsWBmMTsqG9O2 RmFpFghKD9U3qdWwgHnqa0ajaBF1ZfD8dMPbN752N6dTLDhRSO 2Nsm7L5_eIEkcdM-8Id4rUuDTpDA60X0UObOQtuccz2GLFifGasCBduDil1M6vKO-9UpK133h7CCj-cBurr_Ph9Z-pVatdIPyiZ79c5g1Iz8xoFO-ru_cL23CZ0eG9NPU9Rw8FYBIX2cku4KssAn5qgJu3av9Ebx6sF rkAI0aYR18PDj5O_Gg3aoAxD6z_HWwrYVoTiUFx6LyqyDeSmOi KI-hVv_Dr648CYXMMVksrseoE8eQz7KKDtpA=w1285-h964-s-no?authuser=0 /IMG]

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    Here are two turntables I picked up last night for a decent price I had to drive a decent distance to pick them up. Gemini PT 2000 missing the right angle power cord raised it up to test it Gemini SA 2400 they did not come with any needle or cartridge both work just fine and they are a little dusty

    Here is the rest of the equipment I have in my studio for my internet radio station Phat Beats Radio

    Equipment in studio

    Gemini PT 2000 with Statnon 500 AL II

    Gemini SA 2400 with Stanton 500 V3

    Optimus SSM-1750 Mixer

    Mackie CR6104 16ch studio mixer

    Shure SRH440 headphones

    Tonor BM-700 Condenser Mic

    Dell Optiplex 3040 with I5 6500 8gb ram

    Radioboss radio automation program with Startdust Limiter Compressor EQ vst plugin

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    Oh wow! Original CDJ 800's and a Mackie D.4. Sweet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Spit View Post
    Oh wow! Original CDJ 800's and a Mackie D.4. Sweet!
    Thanks.. the other CDJ doesn't load CD's sometimes which is fine for home use I guess, I don't have any gigs these days anyway. For timecode use (which is how I used it) it'd only have to load once and then I'd be all set.

    The Mackie is in very poor condition, all the knob lights are blown, the filter knobs make an LFO-ish scratchy sound in certain position etc.. everything else is working though.

    I used to do a LOT of gigs with these iirc, probably hundreds. They don't make laptops with FW ports anymore so the DVS compatibility is out of the question.

    I've been playing sets at home from CDR's (my MBP broke but I managed to export my music on CDs in safe mode) or using one of the CDJs as a sampler.

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