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Thread: Silk Music Photo Contest (April 2-8) :: Shingo Nakamura Cover + $ Prizes

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    Silk Music Photo Contest (April 2-8) :: Shingo Nakamura Cover + $ Prizes

    April 2-8 ::

    We, at Silk Music, have always felt that the cover art of a release is an integral part of its success: it sets the tone for the release with respect to the imagery and mood that the music evokes in the listener. One of our co-owners, Mike Alexeev, has directed the selection and design of our covers since the label's inception, a role that we consider to be as important as general A&R.

    From April 2-8, we will be hosting our first ever Silk Music Photography Contest, the three winners of which will receive the following prizes:

    1) Two winning photographs will be used as the cover art of two future Silk Digital singles by Shingo Nakamura: "Hakodate" and "Khafre". His or her name will also be officially acknowledged in the promo for the release, as well as professional contacts and relevant music pages. A third winner's photo will also be used for a future Silk release [TBA].

    2) The winners will be able to request a list of 25 back catalogue Silk tracks from any of our five divisions (Silk Royal, Silk Digital, Silk Textures, Silk Sofa, and Arrival Recordings). We will then send each winner a "personalized" zip file of these songs.

    3) Each winner will receive a free digital copy of both mixes of Jacob Henry & Tom Fall's "Silk Royal Showcase 02" (release date: April 10).

    Rules & Regulations:

    Two winning photographs will be selected by our fans, who will be asked to "like" their favorite photo(s) during a one-week submission period. A third winner will be selected by Silk Music's graphic design director, Mike Alexeev, who will evaluate all photos posted on our label fan page in this period.

    - First, in order to participate in the contest, you will need to like our official Silk Music Facebook page (if you have not already):

    - Second, post your submission on your own Facebook page, and be sure to tag @Silk Music in the "status" section of your post. By tagging our page in your status message, your photo will also appear on the wall of our page, allowing all of our fans to vote. The official submission period is April 2-8 (the sooner in this window you post the better, as it will give more time for friends/fans to vote).

    - In your post, you will attach your photo and include a title (which can be written in the "status" section of your post) in the following format:
    [Photographer's Name] :: Silk Music Photo Contest Submission*
    *Don't forget to tag @Silk Music in the "status" as well.

    - Two winners of the contest will be entirely determined by the fans: the two photos that receive the most "likes" by Sunday evening, April 8 (20:00 EST) will be declared the winners.

    - Silk Music graphic design director Mike Alexeev will review all submissions between April 2-8 and determine a third winner, to be announced on our fan page on Monday, April 9.

    Additional Notes:

    - Each participant may submit up to three photos for the contest.
    - Obscene images or profane text included within the photos and/or title are strictly prohibited.
    - Feel free to tag your friends on the photos themselves -- this will help bring your submissions to their attention and get "likes" from them.

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    Your title says "$ Prizes" but your post says free music... These are not the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickJames View Post
    Your title says "$ Prizes" but your post says free music... These are not the same thing.
    translation: "we dont want to pay for a photographer/image and this is a thinly veiled way of spamming the release of a new track, getting more likes etc on facebook"

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