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Thread: Custom table build

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    Hi Nicky,
    I love Hoerboard DJ Tables but I thought they were located in the UK and can ship to the US which is really expensive. Did you find a dealer in the US? If so, can you share as I'm looking for a well build DJ Table available from a US seller. I am only aware of Dual in California but their prices are rather high. Any help would be appreciated. Good luck with your endeavors.

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    Nicky, beautiful work on all levels. Your dad is baddass in the shop and you are following in his footsteps. New around this forum, just found it yesterday. This takes me back to when I got started - back then we built everything as it wasn't available. I still DIY lots of stuff and overall my systems are custom.

    That's the way go - full expression of who you are. This thing has class, almost art deco styling - blows away scrims and such (I don't like them).

    As an observation only, I immediately think about moving it around - you may be using it in a club - all my stuff it mobile. If using mobile, a hard cover and you could make the legs removable - something to think about sir. This may have been addressed in the thread already - I went through to where painting was being done and then fast-forward to the end.

    Currently up a mobile system using the ADJ pro event table II and doing a bit of customizing - like the install of gear you did. My stuff will be in cases, but the desk will be fully wired to support everything. Gotta minimize setup/teardown time.

    Thanks for sharing this journey.
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    Nicky, you've done a great job. I've been trying to make a custom table for my working area needs, but all the attempts were not so successful, that's why I've had to purchase Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171, cause it's one of the most reliable router tables I've seen recently. Found it here ( url: ), and I was pretty amazed by low price, if we would compare with other tables.
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