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Thread: Subwoofer and amp combo

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    Subwoofer and amp combo

    Well im into buying 2 jbl srx728's just because ive heard beautiful things about them.. but im unsure what amp to push them with.

    and ive seen how much power they would need so im just wondering if theres any (not cheap) but affordable way of getting a powerhouse amp.

    i think they need 3200 watts at 4 ohm for each? im not too sure. but i want that chest rattling, heart f*cking up bass someone told me to get 4 folded horn vegas but for me.. that wouldnt be too easy to haul around... anyways, whats the best amp i could get for these subs to create that bass i need?

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    I think DJTeknovibe who owns either 2 or 4 of the SRX728's swears by using the Crown Marcotech MA-5000i . You need to keep in mind these are power hungry sub woofers so you need to make sure your wall supply is adequate. Also the IT5000 and IT9000 and MA5002VZ would all work well.
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    Don't worry about it. Set them up, turn them on, listen to them, adjust if needed. No matter what you do, they're still going to sound like Eons

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    A Peavey CS 4080HZ Will do a great job from doing a bit of research on Google. Does 2040 watts rms at 4 ohms. ,check it im coming up.

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