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Thread: Custom Cue Sticks (aka: Stick, Lollipop, Monophone)

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    Great job with the cue stick! I too have a pair of Sony MDR V700's which I would like to convert into a lollipop but I am trying figuring out how to attach the earcup bracket to the pipe... You mention you drilled a hole in the metal pipe; did you drill into the bracket as well? Did you use a single screw? Which part(s) of the earcup bracket did you keep?

    Thanks in advance and great job on your projects!


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    Great tutorial!!! thanks

    I'm trying to convert a Dj1 ultrasone into a lollipop head, but I have the problem that in some mixers, the volume sounds very low and it distorts very fast. can anyone tell me how to calculate the correct resistor?
    The headphone specifications

    Frequency range 10-22.000 Hz
    Impedance 32 Ohm
    Sound pressure level 104 dB

    Thank you!

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