Hello all. I'm plugging my Discogs inventory here with an incentive... I can sell in small lots of 5-15 records in order to keep shipping costs down.

~~~ This is my incentive: if you buy 5 records I'll take 10% off the total, 10 records 15% off the total, 15 records 20% off the total. ~~~

In order to keep things simple, if you're interested go through Discogs and point out the above incentive. All of my polices are there and viewable to the public, including my shipping polices and costs. I won't deviate from the listed prices or shipping costs... Don't even ask. Remember, the discount/incentive is applied by purchasing a lot.

Lastly, I've got a lot of sought after stuff as well as some good stuff that is priced between $2-$3 for the bargain hunters. Have at it!