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Thread: Cambridge, MA?

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    Cambridge, MA?

    Might possibly be moving to Cambridge, MA after graduation... is there any EDM scene there at all? Young professionals either? My roommate wants to go for tech startups, so I'm trying to figure out if I would do worse there than staying here in columbus oh.

    Dunno if any of you peeps ever been to Cambridge

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    in boston there, which is 10 mins from cambridge.

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    There are a number of small venues in Cambridge that host weekly EDM nights, booking local, nation and international talent. Phoenix Landing (Re:Set, Elements), Middlesex Lounge (Make It New), Naga and Think Tank. All Asia and The Middle East also play host to special events. And as farhanashraf mentioned, Cambridge is just over the river from Boston where your options open up even future.

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    Ah, ok. I actually got a job here in cbus now, but as far as Boston, when I looked around online it seems like Boston's EDM is virtually non existent. Guess you'd have to be there to see all the events I suppose

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    Boston and Cambridge both have more EDM than anywhere in Ohio. You'd be very pleased

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    It's not bad out here really. Just need to know where to go and on what nights. Underbar will have at least 1-2 good nights a month, Royale pulls in some big acts (saw Above & Beyond 2 months ago there), then for you real night owls, Rise is the afterhours spot.
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    Roger that g-sep

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    Boston and Cambridge both have more EDM than anywhere in Ohio. You'd be very pleased
    Zaxl whatchu talkin bout mane, we get avicii and skrillex that's really all I need

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    Middle East is a great venue that books a pretty eclectic line of artists, plus Cambridge is right across the river from Boston so it's usually pretty easy to find something to do. I find people either LOVE Boston or they hate it with not a lot of in between, but I find much more people who wind up loving it than hating it.

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    Been giving it more thought and really thinking about moving out to Boston area to get more involved in the music scene; Berklee, everything. Think I'll be hittin up Boston for 2014 NYE possibly

    Realizing the importance of being connected to musical peers in real life; Columbus ain't cuttin it for me. Hm

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    Boston has a healthy EDM scene. There's even a radio station devoted to dance music (101.7) that isn't top-40 oriented. I've been impressed. I consider the scene similar to San Francisco - which is a good thing.

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