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Thread: Calling Out: Electro-Progressive House Battle!

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    Calling Out: Electro-Progressive House Battle!

    Alright Guys,

    This is a new genre I have gotten in, so who wants to battle me with the following rules:

    - 25-30 Minutes Mix
    - 1 shot recording (no edits)
    - No dj drops (obviously lol)
    - Time of music is electro/progressivish... -> If you need reference, check out "I wanna be your dog - Swanky Tunes"
    - Efx are Allowed

    Mix must be in by Friday. 12:00 PM EST.
    Voting will be open for two weeks. / /
    Follow me or like me, and I will return the favour! (Just send me a message) hehehe!

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    I know this is in storage, but the thread isnt closed so is this still going on? If so

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