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Thread: GTA brothers lets mess with this fool...

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    GTA brothers lets mess with this fool...

    I already said I will play for free but my rental for my lights and dj equipment is $600 for the night and I will not play on a system if it is not my own....
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    This is what I sent them...

    You realize that NYE is the biggest DJ night of the year. Expect to pay double the regular price. My normal basic charge is $900, before any add-ons. (Uplighting, smoke machine, moving heads etc) so figure a $1800 starting point.

    You obviously haven't hired a DJ before, and that's fine, most people haven't. It's a form of entertainment, and entertainment comes with a price. Did you put out a call for a beginning caterer to come and cook the evenings meal for free? Of course not. I bring over $20,000 worth of gear (lights & sound) to DJ an event, and that comes with a price. You are paying for a quality setup, professionalism throughout the whole night.

    You want some kid to "Wiki-wiki-wooooo" all night? And some kid to do it through a mediocre piece of shit system?

    Good luck with that. What do you do for your occupation? Would you like to come to my house and do it for free, for some more experience?

    I doubt it.

    Have a nice day. I'm booked for NYE, for $2500. It will be one hell of a show.

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    It's been said before so I'll say it again. The main reason I think most of the people make posts like these is because some noobie DJ is going to agree to the stupid gig. Yes, I have done gigs for free but it's a rarity. Well good luck to whoever does the job..

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    Said I'm interested and I'll be able to do it. When they respond I'll tell them about my service fee for playing for free.

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