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Thread: Fully Charged - Showdown [ElecTrixNoizE] <<COMING SOON>>

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    Fully Charged - Showdown [ElecTrixNoizE] <<COMING SOON>>


    Fully Charged – Showdown

    Exclusive Release Date: 22-Sep-2014 (Beatport)
    Global Release Date: 06-Oct-2014 (All Stores)
    Label: Electrixnoize
    Cat No: KSX180

    Fully Charged returns to Komplex Sounds with ‘Showdown’ - a bigroom house tune aimed straight for the main festival stage. Triplicated melodies and string arpeggios make up the breakdowns, bringing a swing and groove rather unique to the genre. The drops are guaranteed to make any crowd bounce, so be sure to pick up your copy today and get the floor moving!

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