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Thread: 2014 Trance Tournament Thread

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    Smile 2014 Trance Tournament Thread

    Welcome to the 2014 DJForums Trance Tournament

    For the last several years the tourney has been an annual forum tradition. All styles of trance are allowed and encouraged. From current beatport chart toppers, classic progressive, tech, uplifting, psy, euro, current progressive, trouse, breakbeat trance, if it's got that trance feeling you can play it. We try not to let our musical taste alter the voting. Battles will be decided upon by skill and programing not specific genre taste. A wide arsenal of sounds or simply being the best in the subgenre may be keys to advancing. Typically mixes of mainstream trance do well, but if you want to play your 150 BPM Forest Psy you're more than welcome to try.

    2014 Trance Tournament Rules

    There will be 16 contestants. No ranking will be done on post counts or membership duration. This makes everyone equal.

    16 contestants
    Round One (16), Round Two (8), Semi Finals (4), Final (2)

    Anyone who misses a deadline this year without prior contacting me will be immediately eliminated. No excuses will be tolerated. Think if you didn't show up for your gig without calling your client. If something serious has come up let me know I will try to work with you, a few extra days can be reasonable. Try to get you're mixes done early, you should be able to find even an hour or two after work, do not wait until last minute!

    Mixes will not be restricted in track number. Instead they will be restricted by time. The final track of each mix must must have started by the end minute mark listed below. If any mixes do not conform to this the contestant will be immediately eliminated.

    Last track mix in time(s):
    • Round One: 30 minute mark
    • Round Two: 30 minute mark
    • Semi Final: 45 minute mark
    • Final: 60 minute mark

    If I the Tournament Director do not hear a notable new sound from a track coming into the mix right before the end minute mark but I do hear one after... you're out. Don’t press your luck with this one! Scratching, one shot samples, acapellas, or effects over the last track are okay, just no loops or new tracks.

    There will be no required tracks this year. This is a no holds barred free for all, show us your style!

    Mixes must be performed and recorded live, no studio or multitrack mixes. Audacity is a great free recording software. No post production of any kind is allowed, this means no compressing, fixing levels, or splicing different live sets. [EDIT: Trimming silence at start/end is okay.]

    Posting Your Mix

    Mixes must be 192kbps mp3 or lower in quality to allow a speedy upload/download/transfer, and so that everyone is on the same format. Delete any ID3 tag information.
    Upload to any hosting site you prefer (dropbox would be preferred, but zippyshare, adrive etc are acceptable as long as you can link it)

    File naming requirements:

    1 vs 1:

    Then PM Rek Aviles with the file link to download. Post in this thread as soon as you have uploaded and PM'd Rek so I know you got your mix in on time. Including a link to this thread so Rek can see matchups would be appreciated.

    Battles will be posted in batches after the deadline for submissions has been met in order to ease work off the DJForums moderators and to not overwhelm voters with massive amounts of playtime. Matchups will be random by use of a random number generator or writing names and putting them in a hat. If you request that I videotape this I can.

    Below is a breakdown of the length of the mixes.

    16 contestants
    Round One (30 min)
    Round Two (30 min)
    Semi Finals (45 min)
    Final (60 min)

    The battles will be posted as Username versus Username. Files are anonymous. Anyone still active in the championships will be REQUIRED to vote in ALL battles. Don’t expect any sympathy on this one, failing to do so will result in automatic disqualification. Eliminated contestants should show good sportsmanship and continue to listen to battles and vote. If there is a tiebreaker, DJF mod Rek Aviles will then vote.

    Note:Ghost votes do not count in the final score. In order for a vote to count, there must be a comment made by the voter. Please put in effort into your comment, describing what you enjoyed or disliked. Try to vote based on skill rather than tune preference. New members with low post counts may vote but suspicious voting will be investigated by IP lookups and such.

    Any questions please raise your hand and I'll help you out, err post them here. Please enjoy this competitive experience I hope you all grow as DJs with positive and constructive feedback! A big hand to previous tournament director JackStalk, thanks for the OP template!

    The first 16 confirmed contestants to enter will be allowed entry into the tournament. I will be a backup entry in case a contestant falls through. Vernski is automatically in since he won last year (CONGRATS!). Good luck to everyone!

    1. Vernski
    2. Maxey
    3. bnr
    4. Buszaj
    5. armada10
    6. Ellissentials
    7. DJYamAtree
    8. Synergy
    9. ChrisHynds
    10. Sedna
    11. JackStalk
    12. mr_ragz
    13. kyle133
    14. Ignotus
    15. diceallion
    16. Delta V


    Any equipment is allowed, Abelton to American Audio. You may use sync at your discretion. Post the gear you'll be working with when you sign up so we can get a feel what we're up against!

    This OP will be updated often with critical info so please check back in regularly.

    Round One:


    kyle133 vs Ignotus

    Vernski vs bnr

    DJYamAtree vs ChrisHynds

    Sedna vs Delta V

    JackStalk vs armada10

    Maxey vs mr_ragz

    Synergy vs diceallion

    Ellissentials vs Buszaj

    Mixes must be submitted by: Wednesday September 24th, 11:59 PM EST
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    Really looking forward to seeing these battles! Haven't spectated this tourney yet but I know it'll be great!


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    2014 Trance Tournament Thread

    I'm in... Oh wait, I'm already In haha

    I'll be using Reloop Terminal mix 4 with Virtual DJ

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    DJ Forum Trance Champion 2013/2014

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    I would love to join in with this.

    Ill be using Traktor with my mixtrack pro 2.

    Quick question about post production, is normalisation okay? Just to bring the overall gain up to a nice level.

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    Welcome! I'm going to say no on the normalization, pretend your mix is being broadcast live on BBC1*. Part of the technical skill you will be judged on is keeping by your levels constant or under control. Normalization can really smooth those over. We can always turn our stereos up, so if in doubt give yourself plenty of headroom.

    *I guess by this logic if you have a hardware compressor or use it as a live effect in software it's legal in this.

    Alternative Edit: If it's a really serious issue, pm me the download link, I'll normalize and then send over to a Battle Mod. If I get dragged into competing Ill have the battle mod do this. I think that's a decent compromise?
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    I'm in. DDJ T1 with Traktor for me.

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    I'm in!

    CDJ's w/ Traktor Timecode + Mixer, possibly vinyl thrown in as well.

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    I'm in, when is the deadline for submission?
    Pioneer XDJ-R1.

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    Put me on reserve, if there are uneven numbers or someone pulls out then you can use me as a backup if needed, if there are enough people without me then Im happy to sit it out.

    Cdj 900's & Stanton ST.150's

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    Will come on in, if needed. Made it to the final round vs, I can't remember who (no offense) last year, and had been ejected due to me having loads of family issues (blah blah blah) and not getting a mixset in. I can't remember who the final two were, surely though I could look it up, but I do remember it being quite good. All around a fun experience really. My only issue, is I don't have enough Trance to participate...hence a Breaks track (or two) in each of my winning sets last year.

    Would be fun to do again. I'd enjoy doing this for Breaks, but I think I can count on my two hands all those that like Breaks here on this forum hah

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