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Thread: What club do I go to if I want to here this song

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    Quote Originally Posted by akswun View Post
    Lol Toika....

    Haven't been there in soooo long. And when I did go it was mainly hiphop/R&B. Small ass space with overpriced drinks, well actually overpriced drinks is just a Toronto thing.
    As for Techno/Trance clubs I think you'd have more success trying College St. west (little Italy) and if not there then Gov would probably be the next best place. King West is just straight up EDM Douchebaggery. If you're into throwing your money away at bottle service and having leaching ass bitches in your booth thats the place to be.

    Thanks for the lowdown. Im defintely not looking to spend 1000 dollars on bottle service or deal with fucking guido douchebags.

    Im planning to attend PVD at the guv May 23rd.

    EDIT: AW FUKKKK, I just realized I commited to DJing at a friend of a friends birthday party that night. Im very upset right now.
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