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  • DVS or Software

    159 30.29%
  • Strictly vinyl (collect and play records, time-code vinyl for DVS does not count)

    44 8.38%
  • CDs only

    28 5.33%
  • Vinyl & CDs

    25 4.76%
  • Both CDs & DVS/Software

    58 11.05%
  • DVS & Vinyl

    90 17.14%
  • I play it all (Vinyl, CDs & DVS/Software)

    121 23.05%
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Thread: What type of DJ are you? Strictly digital? Do you spin vinyl records?

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    Right now I primarily use Traktor but I have a cheap set of Numarks (Thanks Haus...) that I practice on. I bring USB/CDs to clubs and bars to play on their house setup if available, though.

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    Started vinyl in the late 90s, moved to CDJ about 2005, and now when I mix (which is rarely) I'm using Traktor with a Mixtrack. No, it's not as fun as either of the other two, but since I actually spin less and don't play out anymore I don't need them. Although I still have my Techs and vinyl. When the man-cave is done I'm going to get those set up again. I've been focusing more on production lately.

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    Started out with vinyl & now use DVS. I'm looking to add a midi controller or two to add to the setup. I love the feel of the vinyl but the controllers will add more creativity and allow control that regular vinyl wouldn't have.

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    I use 1200s + SSL at home.

    For what it's worth, every event I've ever attended has had CDJs.

    Sometimes people bring controllers, and the one and only pure vinyl DJ I know is sure to bring her TTs if she's playing, but there are ALWAYS CDJs.

    In fact, one of the reasons I haven't tried playing out is that I've absolutely no experience on CDJs, and I want to be able to play on the gear I know will be there.

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    I prefer the tactility of vinyl, but was forced to switch to CDJ's in 07. After getting bored out of my mind with DJing, I switching to Serato in '09. I prefer only to spin on the vinyl interface and pretty much nothing else. Honestly, it separates the men from the boys. Flame away digital jockeys.

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    all of it, then stuff not being listed here...
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    im happy to say i have a setup now that integrates the whole shebang. and for special occasions i like to bring it all along to a gig.

    The laptop and the denon mc6000 is the centre of my setup
    everything i have on CD o vinyl, i also have on the laptop.

    but i also collect CDs and vinyl for many reasons

    1. CD: truth be told, i alway hated CDs, but many good albums still come out first on CD then only to be foud later on in mp3 format.

    2. vinyl: i play latin music and much of the great latin music of the past 50 years is still not available at all digitally , so by searching around you can actually get an old gem and make it a hit

    many of the current day salsa hits in latin america are made by record collectors digging them up, start playing them in the clubs & stations, then it finally gets re released.

    i use the denon 3700 cd decks for
    1. scratching
    2. DJing outside where i cannot see the laptop screen.
    3. guest djs

    not to mention they work also with USB sticks, perhaps that shoud be anther option in the poll
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    Vinyl only, because I like records and I love never having any money.

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    My last gig I was using CDs on CDJ-2000s. On faderwave I use CDs and Denon dns3500s. When I do mobile gigs I use traktor scratch duo which I won in a contest here (and am quite grateful for). My next gig I believe is also on CDJ-2000s.

    CDJ-2000s are the nicest damn things I have ever used. :drool:

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