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  • DVS or Software

    150 29.94%
  • Strictly vinyl (collect and play records, time-code vinyl for DVS does not count)

    42 8.38%
  • CDs only

    28 5.59%
  • Vinyl & CDs

    23 4.59%
  • Both CDs & DVS/Software

    58 11.58%
  • DVS & Vinyl

    84 16.77%
  • I play it all (Vinyl, CDs & DVS/Software)

    116 23.15%
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Thread: What type of DJ are you? Strictly digital? Do you spin vinyl records?

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    When mobile, Numark NS7II w/ Serato.
    In my studio, (2) 1200 M3D's, DJM-S9 w/ Serato.
    Being a DJ is like being in the mob. You're in it, then you try to get out but it pulls you right back in.
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    Started on vinyl and returning to mixing after a spell away. Only this time it's via CD's. So I've invested in a set of CDJ's with the vinyl style turntable platter to hopefully give me that nostalgic feel.

    I still can't see the point in digital (and by that I mean playing tunes via laptop with software.) As was said earlier vinyl separates the men from the boys. Those early mornings scouring the record shops for any new releases. Then having to rely on touch and your hearing to beat match tune to tune. "BUT DIGITAL IS SO MUCH EASIER" I hear you scream. True, but that's the point. You don't become a craftsman by taking the easy route do you.

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    I use Serato DJ when I do private gigs such as weddings and christmas parties since the genre asked ranges from pop to rap to rock and I like to see waveforms to be sure to mix these tracks well together. Other than that, for clubs I would go USB directly into the CDJs without a laptop.
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    It's pretty evident that DVS/Software is taking over the industry due to ease of compatibility and functionality. I'm ok with it, mostly because I'm not an "old school" dj, but I of course respect the djs who can still throw down on Vinyl.

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    I respect every DJ that still plays Vinyl or start with playing Vinyl!

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    Vinyl & CDs.
    I'm in the smallest group .wow I'm so last century.

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