Hey guys,

So I've just started undergoing some site maintenance and decided that a new web design is in store for my brand as I try and get things moving for 2012. I'm looking for someone who is willing to donate a few hours to create a simple, minimalistic text logo for my label Humatron Music. I'm not looking for anything crazy here, just a basic illustrator file of a black and white text that is custom made.

Some details to keep in mind if you decide to jump on this project:

- Humatron Music focuses on the intellectual interaction between homo sapiens and various technological devices to create electronic music.

- we are forward thinking musicians in minimal, techno, and deep house genre's.

- we are aliens, minimal tech guru's

- the future is our friend

- we like boxes, and squares

If you feel like helping out, please let me know and if you require some sort of reinbursement, lets chit chat and see what we can do. I'd be happy to feature you or help promote your business in return. I really don't have a budget here.

Here or some photos of ideas i've used in the past to get you guys going:

Thanks in advance and feel free to email me at markospolydorou@gmail.com