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Thread: Post your Mobile DJ Gig PICS v2.0!

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    Here's a photo of my back up rig. .

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    I thought this was gonna be about sex....
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    That's the only reason I clicked in

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    Tonight's event "Save the Bees" cocktail party and fundraiser with music video. Got a couple thumbs up when they saw I was a VJ. Uplights didnt hurt either. Lucked out, I piped into the house mixer and left the amp/speakers in the truck
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    Got to love a no load in

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    Don't let the simple look of this setup fool you. Please forgive the poor quality of the photo, it has an Instagram filter on it.

    The subwoofers are under the table cloth in front of the table. I put the movers on top of the subs.

    There are two more movers on top of truss totems and 4 pars on a crank stand behind the pipe and drape.

    Behind the camera are two wireless delay speakers for an attached dining area that was about 80' from the main speakers. Without the delay speakers i would have had to blow away the people close to the DJ table and it would have increased the chances of feedback. It also allowed me to control the volume of music vs. mic to these speakers as I fed them with an Aux feed from the mixer.

    All the speakers are networked, either hardwire or WiFi, to be controlled with the SRX Connect app. I did this so I could control the sub volume and set the delay and volume of the delay speakers.


    FOH -
    2 SRX812P, 1 SRX818SP, 1 SRX828SP
    Mackie 1402VLZ3
    Denon MC6000 w/ VDJ
    Sennheiser EW135 wireless mic w/ remote located A 1031 omni-directional antennas
    Sennheiser E835 wired mic
    dbx 1066 for mics

    DELAY -
    2 SRX812P
    2 Sennheiser EW135 receivers w/ 2 each remote located A 2003-UHF directional antennas
    2 IOGEAR GWU627 WiFi to Ethernet bridge
    1 Sennheiser wireless beltpack transmitter


    4 Chauvet Intimidator 350 Spot LED
    4 Chauvet COREpar 80
    1 ETC Source4 LED Tungsten for monogram
    1 Chauvet D-Fi Stream 6
    Elation Emulation DMX software
    MIDIcon surface wing for Emulation

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    Homecoming dance. 800 kids.

    JBL SRX 815P x2, JBL SRX 828SP x2, JBL SRX 818SP, JBL PRX715 x2 (sidefill), EV ELX112P (monitor), Global Truss stands and triangular truss, Chauvet Thinpar x6, ADJ MegaPar x2, Martin Wizard x2, Chauvet Eliminator Strobe x3, Pioneer DDJ SX2.

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    Check out this Old School backyard party!

    This is a video I made back in 1990 of a backyard party with the old school DJ!
    I am not a professional DJ. It's a backyard hobby I love! In the garage. Numark ndx-500, American Audio 10 mxr , 4 BFM tuba 24s, EV ZLX 12p's, Truss full of lights. I STILL have all my equipment as of June 2019!

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    Your set up looks good. Are you just setting your stuff on a regular 6-foot banquet table provided by the venue?

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    This is a video I made back in 1990 of a backyard party with the old school DJ!
    You forget just how horrible video quality was on VHS until someone posts a video of one on YouTube.
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    New to the Forum, great info posted in this Forum!

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3

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