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Thread: Wanted : Proofreaders for tutorials

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    I think a physical/softback book would be neat.. I found myself envisioning and designing a cover the other day, but it'd require better artwork, revising etc. And more in-depth stuff.. maybe even a sample CD?

    It lacks funding though.. one option would be to put together a small production run to give out and ask for feedback, then find partnerships for software etc to keep the costs reasonable (sample CD would be useless with most of the DAWs having inbuilt libraries)

    EDIT : 80 or so pages isn't that much for a book imo, if I took it to a publisher they'd probably cut that down to around 50 (a very normal ratio for a publishing process I'd figure, it's raw text after all)

    EDIT 2 : anyway, my computer is down so I can't do much about it.. it'd also need a broader look into different tools, programs and hardware etc.. maybe a brief chapter on DJing & history too (and genres), I actually started writing one but deleted it (I don't claim to be an authority on all this but I don't/didn't have anything better to do)

    EDIT 3 : I was thinking a USB pen drive for samples because CD drives are getting rare.. although a CD fits inside a book cover whereas a pen drive doesn't, unless I manage to bundle it with music software, a dev board, components and case in a GECK-type of configuration.. an epitome of nerdiness. Also loads of work, packaging etc but I think it'd add to the interactive experience (it'd need other projects too).. I have a hard time believing any of the software devs/companies (let alone hardware) would be willing to cooperate (plus it's very expensive.. and I'd have to find a middle-ground for software as well as build my own synth prototype first)

    EDIT 4 : I think a laminated frequency chart would be cool too..

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