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Thread: Wanted : Proofreaders for tutorials

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    Just had an idea of writing an article on running a website to supplement the marketing/distribution & artwork .pdf...

    EDIT : Added a disclaimer

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    Why is this not a sticky?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rek_Aviles View Post
    Why is this not a sticky?

    Thanks for noticing!

    EDIT : I noticed that I sort of subconsciously wrote the series so that the stuff in cursive font could be removed (=filtered out with a text editor) and filled later on as a sort of "homework"

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    Updated the article on running a website for hardcore DIY'ers (I've been reading a Linux handbook and there was a chapter on Apache servers so I decided to add that there after finding out how to configure one)

    EDIT : I need to update the table of contents file at some point too..

    EDIT 2 : Also added Future Producers to the URL list in the distribution and marketing.

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