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Thread: Trance sanctuary

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    Hey D.S,

    Congrats on completing your university education and landing a job. Yeah, what a difference 6 months makes to everything, quite a few of the lads here are quite busy - including myself. Don't really get on the forum like I used to.

    I've added your latest Derailed episode to the wall, I will check it out soon. I do have to keep up appearances on Virtual DJ Radio ... all my stats there tell me I don't meet the requirements of an "Occasional DJ" I will get around to your mix though.
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    Thanks Vern! No rush
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    A lot of great mixes here to keep me occupied at work. I might post a mix here later if I can pluck up the courage.

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    Sod it, I'm just gonna post something.
    This is a mix I made because someone asked me for a trance mix without vocals. I'm actually very happy with how it turned out.

    If anyone is able to take the time to give me some feedback I would be very grateful.

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    Goes through some of what I would call the original inspiration in the trance scene, and the PLUR attitude, from my own experience, doing trance early in the 90s.
    Mastering includes "Adaptive Broadcast" preset on my limiter. Msg me if you want it.

    PLUR was ofcourse a movement with an understanding that a certain level of reasonable behaviour was necessary. This did not include psychopath junkies or extreme ignorance. Unfortunately some who continued expanding partying did become junkies. And forgot about the PLUR mindset. While others became more serious.

    Peace Be With You.
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