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Thread: Trance sanctuary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sedna View Post
    If you guys haven't checked it out yet, here's my new release on Airwave's label "L*C*D Recordings."

    Hey people,

    I used Sedna's track B - Finding Infinity on this mini-mix

    The mix below has Sedna's new release Decay........Top track

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    As this is fast becoming one of my fave threads for mixes I thought it only fair to contribute something back!

    I've posted these in the general mix threads when I originally uploaded them but that can be a bit of a wasteland for trance mixes so I figured I'd stick them up here in case any of you guys wanted to check them out-

    Basically I've been going through all my old trance tunes and putting together a series of 'Classic Trance' mixes- each with a kind of theme. It's not a quick process, part-1 was done end of 2012, and part 2 was done last summer, and part 3 was only finished last night... but I'm getting there! I reckon I have enough vinyl alone for about 7 or 8 volumes, not counting my digital/CD tracks!

    Classic Trance mix Part-1 (The Harder Mix)

    This was inspired by my first clubbing days spent at Gatecrasher Sheffield back in around 2001, and the various Gatecrasher summer sound system festivals.


    1) Aurora [Feat. Naimee Coleman] - Ordinary World (Extended mix)
    2) Ascension - For a Lifetime (DJ Shah Remix)
    3) Ralphie B - Massive
    4) Cygnus X - Superstring (Rank 1 Deep Dub)
    5) Paul Van Dyk - The Riddle (Original mix)
    6) Jam & Spoon - Be Angeled [Feat. Rea] (Vandit Edit)
    7) Blank & Jones - Fragile (Phrenetic System Remix)
    8) Veracocha - Carte Blanch (Original Mix)
    9) Mirco De Govia - Voller Sterne (Super8 Remix)
    10) Members of Mayday - 10 in 01 (Paul Van Dyk Club Mix)
    11) Tiesto - Sparkles (Airscape Remix)
    12) Mirco De Govia - Epic Monolith (Original Mix)
    13) Marou Picotto - Pulsar (Magamind Remix)

    Classic Trance mix Part-2 (The Progressive Mix)

    This one was inspired by the essential mixes Oakenfold did back in 1999 as part of his world tour and contains more of a mix of styles. These were a huge influence getting me involved in Trance in the first place and are still on heavy rotation at work


    1) Spoiled & Zigo - More & More (Vocal Mix)
    2) Karen Ramirez - Lies (Tilt's Trinity Remix)
    3) Dreamcatcher - I Don't Wanna Lose May (Magik MuziK Remix)
    4) Tastexperience - Highlander (Ralphie B's Massive Mix)
    5) Moogwai - Viola (Original Mix)
    6) Quivver - She Does (Quivver's Mix)
    7) The Olmec Heads - Spiritualised (Astral Mix)
    8) Force Majuere - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)
    9) Slusnik Luna - Sun (Original Mix)
    10) The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed
    11) CJ Bolland - The Prophet (Original Mix)

    These were both done on a combination of CDJs & vinyl but I feel they consequently have a more natural 'mixed' feel to them- if you are after 100% flawless blends there are a few bits that might bug you (they bug me listening back!).

    Part-3 is a vinyl-only affair (mixed on 2 Tech 1210s & a basic Stanton battle mixer) which I finished last night and am currently listening to at work trying to decide if it is good enough to upload or not- many of the vinyl are rather old now so there are a couple of skips and I'm coming to the conclusion that my copy of Atlantis vs Avatar is now un-mixable!

    Tracklist for part-3:

    1) 4 Strings - Diving (Cosmic Gate Vocal Mix)
    2) The Thrillseekers - Dreaming Of You (Original Mix)
    3) Sureal - Always On My Mind (Lange Remix)
    4) Foggy - Come... (Into My Dream) [Whitelable]
    5) TJ Davis - Wonderful Life (Ian Van Dahl Remix)
    6) Atlantis vs Avatar [feat. Miriam Stockley] - Fiji (Lange Remix)
    7) Agnelli & Nelson - Holding On To Nothing (Club Mix)
    8) Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty of Silence (Pump Mix)
    9) Astral - Now & Forever (DJ Shah vs Pedro Del Mar Remix)
    10) Rapid Eye - 'absolut' (r.e.mix)
    11) Warrior vs Lee Ault - Yekante (Original Mix)

    Anyway, apologies for the long post- feel free to check out the mixes and rate & abuse as necessary, and keep up the good work!
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    ^^^ mate +rep for the effort alone, I know how time consuming a project like this is, great work

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisHynds View Post
    ^^^ mate +rep for the effort alone, I know how time consuming a project like this is, great work

    Edit Must Spread Rep
    Cheers Chris, some of the feedback I've had from them has been great- always helps motivate to keep doing more!

    Like I say the biggest issue is that the majority of the tracks are vinyl, and whilst I have no issue spinning vinyl (I love it!) I'm really self-critical and so end up binning loads of takes because transitions are slightly off etc- which isn't helped when quite a few of the records are also well worn...

    I think I might re-do Part-3 that I put together last night as whilst there is only one transition that really bugs me (due to 'Fiji' being a bit warped I think), I did the mix on my old Stanton battle mixer that I've never recorded from before and I'm not sure I'm happy with the sound quality. Might re-do it on my x1600 mixer and see whether it is indeed the mixer or just vinyl wear. Good job I love doing it!

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    Cheers Vernski!

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    So I went back and re-did Part-3 of the classic trance mixes- I just couldn't deal with the mess-up from the warped 'Fiji' vinyl...

    Had another stab at it but with an entirely different set of tracks (that I was looking at for part-4) so they've just kind of swapped orders. Anyway enough of the ramblings, the mix-

    This one was again mostly vinyl. 3 (I think) of the tracks were played from mp3 versions of their vinyl originals- purely because I couldn't find the actual records quick enough and knew I had 'digitalised' a few of my vinyl collection a few years ago. But the quality of most of these wasn't great so I prefer to use the actual vinyl where possible.

    It ended up stretching out to almost 2 hours- the longest (largely) vinyl set I've recorded, purely as I lost track of time as I was playing! Always a good sign when you are mixing though

    It isn't entirely without incident- one of the tracks skipped but luckily to a largely similar part of the record so it's not hugely obvious. And secondly I ballsed up the transition into Southern Sun (brought it in too early so there is a key clash) which almost made me not post the mix, but I figured for a 2 hour vinyl mix (done entirely live with no post-processing) the odd hic-up is pretty inevitable without re-doing it ten or twenty times over.

    Also, I know there are only 15 tracks in almost 2 hours- if you prefer quick 3-4 minute tracks then a transition, you will be disappointed! However this is very much my preference when it comes to these classic trance tracks, I hate having them rushed and some of the extended edits really do deserve to be heard in their entirety so I make no apology for that.

    A few of these tracks are a bit more well known and are touching upon the more commercial releases of the early 2000s. I've tried to keep the cut-off around there as I have a storming collection of tracks from around 2002-03 which I consider to be the golden era of commercial trance, which will be getting into mixed format for another installment!


    1) Marc et Claude - I Need your Lovin' (Original Mix)
    2) The Space Brothers - Everywhere I Go (Original Mix)
    3) Three Drives - Sunset On Ibiza (Original Mix)
    4) Timo Maas - Der Scheiber (Rapid Eye Remix)
    5) Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty of Silence (Original Extended)
    6) Sureal - You Take my Breath Away (Lange Remix)
    7) Lange - Follow Me (Thrillseekers Remix)
    8) Matt Darey [Feat. Marcella Woods] - Beautiful (Original Mix)
    9) Ralph Fridge - Angel (Club Mix)
    10) Rank 1 - Airwave (Original Mix)
    11) DJ Sakin - Protect Your Mind (Original Mix)
    12) 4 Strings - Into the Night (Original Mix)
    13) Stage One - Space Manoeuvres (Orkidea Mix)
    14) Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Lange Remix)
    15) Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Tiesto Remix)
    16) Conjure One - Sleep (Ian Van Dahl Remix)
    17) Fragma - Everytime You Need Me (Original Mix)
    18) Chicane - Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix)

    I'll post this up in the mix subs forum too, but figured you guys should get first dibs!
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    Loving this thread id like to add something to it soon.. Can find my last mix in the sig (unhappy with last 4 tracks i just threw in for gift givers so wont link for thread)..

    I am still missing an SL to get my vinyl working with my new digital stuff.. so have been holding off on another one.. but money doesnt seem to be materializing, heh..

    Keep up the good work guys.
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    Jan 2014 Trance mix:

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    Hello guys,

    Don't know if anyone here is interested in psytrance, but I hope you'll enjoy this at least a bit if you do:

    I can't tell if it's bad or not since no one I know is much into psytrance at all to give me any feedback.
    Psytrance and trance in general seem to be dying out

    Anyways, never wrote down the tracklist, but if you're interested I can probably remember most of it and dig it out. Stuff like Braincell, Ianuaria, EVP, Dirty Saffi...

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    Where's everyone gone to??! The trance section doesn't seem very active as of late (I'm guilty of being absent as well) so time to give it a boost I just graduated from university, went travelling for a month and started working. Finally got some time to settle down in my new place and made a mix.
    This mix definitely features more trance than my previous ones so I think it belongs here. Gone is the trouse, which I was once fairly okay with. I've definitely been swept up by the tech-trance revolution (as Mark Sherry calls it) and so there's quite a bit of tech stuff included.

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    1 Coldplay - O (Fly On) - Koen Groeneveld's Flock Of Dots Tributeleg
    2 The Lion Brothers - Time Passion (Simone Scaramuzzi Remix)
    3 Orkidea - Pacifique (Chantola Remix)
    4 Alessan Main - Gipza (Original Mix)
    5 Alex Dias & Fernando Tessis - This Groove (Milton Channels Remix)
    6 Juventa - Stella Polare (Radio Edit)
    7 Moguai feat. Kosheen - Out Of Nowhere
    8 Ellrich Plaice - Fucking Society (Ellrich Plaice Mix)
    9 Solarstone, Orkidea - Slowmotion II (Tempo Giusto Remix)
    10 Max Graham - The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix)
    11 Vengeance - Decadence (Denga & Manus Mix)
    12 MaRLo, Sarah Swagger - Always Be Around feat. Sarah Swagger (MaRLo's Tech-Energy Remix)
    13 Tempo Giusto - Blacksmith (Mark Sherry Remix)
    14 Fredd Moz - Aquarius (D.B.J Remix)
    15 Sander Van Doorn - Riff (Philip Estevez remix)
    16 Allen & Envy and James Williams - Ark (Original Mix)
    17 Darren Porter - Terraforming (Original Mix)
    18 Bryan Kearney pres. KARNEY - I've Had My Fun (Sneijder Remix)
    19 Kay D Smith & Marc Tall - Hoipolloi (Mark Sherry's Trance Energy remix) [High Contrast] 2013 master
    20 Mark Sherry - That Fixt Camera (Original Mix) [CDR]
    21 Bryan Kearney - The Next Chapter (Original Mix)
    22 Du'ArT - A Folha Saiu Serena (Destroyer rmx)
    23 Belocca, Soneec, Chris Lauer - Plastic Crock
    24 JS16, Orkidea - Hale Bopp (Orkidea Remix)
    25 Allen Watts - Tomahawk (Original Mix)
    26 Thomas Bronzwaer - Sundown (Original Mix)
    Hercules RMX + Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (white) + Traktor Kontrol F1

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