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Thread: Best of: 2013 Best DJF Threads

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    Best of: 2013 Best DJF Threads

    Well everybody, it's that time of year again. Time to take a look back at DJF for 2013, and remember all the good times, and place your pick for best thread(s)/member(s)!

    So here we go to start off!

    'AdrianR Let's Everyone Know It's Good To Beat Women; Sigma Glad Australia Is So Far Away'`/forums/showthread.php?29711-Who-is-the-worst-musical-role-model-in-your-opinion

    BREAKING: Once Again [2013 Revision], Hip-Hop Is Better Than The Music You Like; Shishdisma Bravely Calls Out Entire Hip-Hop Community In Rebuttal'

    New MC Wants To Know Easiest Way to Push Play; iTunes Automix Recommended But Rejected on Basis of It's Difficult

    'Someone Steals Borrow's Mix, DJF Responds To Dish Justice Out. Perp Joins DJF To Point Out He Didn't Notice He Uploaded A Complete Mix From Someone Else'

    'Colione Proposes New Legislation For DJ and Producer Communities; Majority DJF Whips Dissent'

    WillieB69 Plays Free Gig For 10yr Old; DJF Responds as Expected!

    'Adrian [Back Again] Shares Remix; Then Refuses To Share Remix'

    'Kaveman vs. DJF: The Complete Trilogy Box Set [Special Edition]' (thanks Mitch!)
    Worst Introduction Thread To DJF In The History of Introduction Threads

    Bring Your Girlfriend To DJF Day

    DJF Is A Bunch of Tree Huggers

    Chris Posts About Avicii Getting Trolled'!!!

    Sigma Presents: Penis Size Length By Nationality
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    That DJ Zerj one was a good one there! That was a MAJOR fire there!

    haha LOL I remember about the tree and Blue shoes

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    I love Adrian's threads. Oh, an Kaveman too!
    The tree one is hilarious too

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    I remember this douche getting his wife to argue for him while he was in the "shower"
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    holy shit heheheh

    Originally posted by DjScooterD's missus

    My name is Allison, I am the wife of DJ Scooter...... I met DJ Scooter when I was 19, when we were both embedded in the NYC club scene, in the early 1990's. At that time, he spun vinyl, as did every DJ, an art long since lost....personally, for myself, I was never as much about the music as about the good time and experience. If you were at places like Tunnel or Limelight you can probably imagine where I am coming the years progressed, we married and I began my career with the law....having long since abandoned my "love" of house or well as my true love of club drugs. During the mid to late nineties we watched countless friends who were once all about the "music" die, become incarcerated, struggle for a place in society, etc. At 36, at this time, I would never dare step foot in a NYC club as I feel I am long past my NYC club expiration date and that there is no longer a "scene" in anyway, shape or form. Some of our old friends, the vinyl DJ's of yesteryear, still are struggling today to regain their place in this "scene." Why any of this matters is my husband has never, ever once stopped LOVING the music or the art of the years have gone by while bookings may have changed his love and his passion for the music has remained if not grown. He is as genuine as a person/DJ as they come. He has adapted and made the transition from vinyl to digital....he plays music every single day....he does it because he LOVES IT. Can any of you understand that? He is just trying to get another shot at what he LOVES doing..... bring the hate on his mixing skills or your dislike of the music he plays..... think about the history and evolution of electronic music. It came about based upon love, understanding, friendship, open minded free was never, nor should it, be a popularity contest. Are the coolest most talented dj's of this forum the ones with 1,000 posts? Again, my understanding from all of the dj's I came to know in our former life was it is or suppose to be ABOUT THE MUSIC....when you pass judgment on anything but THE MUSIC, you discredit the music, and yourself as fellow DJS.

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    Hahaha! Awesome man

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    Gotta be the most epic 22 page thread I have read on here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    So you think you're Apple and I'm "Bob's Weekend Computer Shop" yeah? lol.

    I'm not selfless with DJing because I love music too much to stand there auto-syncing my way through a load of top 40 shit at some sweet 16 birthday party full of twats. That's what people like you are for.
    Quote Originally Posted by ksound View Post
    Wth? Is everyone on here a minger I can't be the only one here who has a constant barrage of hot young females throwing themselves for no strings attached encounters

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    I hate to bring up dirt... But since it was shared so publicly, I have to post it here. Sorry B95 and DHarry.

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    Kaveman was my fave. That dude was a mess.
    If you aint havin fun you aint havin nothin.

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    thehadgi & KLH, I give full credit to Dharry

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