Since I was the one who started this post several years ago a lot has changed on TT. I still use is a lot. It is still the best bang for the buck for qualified leads. That said, it has changed and mostly for the worst.

I won't go into a lot of details. Suffice it to say that the key to getting TT clients to actually sign with you is still the same for the most part.

Fist, be fast in your initial response. If you are the first person to get back to a potential client you have a much greater chance of landing the gear. Also, if you want to qualify for TT Top Pro status (a great marketing tool for me) you need to make first contact with a potential client within 4 hours of them reaching out to you at least 75% of the time. Yes this sucks. It is what it is.

Second, give the clients LOTS of information, especially if it is for a wedding. In my initial response to a potential client my average response if over 900 words as well as a 8 page attachment that I have all my brides and grooms fill out. The amount of information I give is probably the most commented on reason why a client decided to use me. It makes them confident I actually know what I am doing and that is comforting to them.

Third, make sure you have your pre-established pricing filled out. If there is a bride looking for a $300 DJ and your bid is for $800 they probably won't contact you and you won't pay a thing.

Fourth, keep your calendar up to date on the TT web site or you will get leads that you pay for for days you are already booked.

Fifth, don't hesitate to call their customer support and ask for a refund. The last time I did this is when a sister said she was looking for information for her sister's wedding. I called TT and told them there was 0% chance the person that got the bid was going to hire me. It took some convincing but I got the refund.

Lastly, try to get as many reviews as possible and complete your profile as much as possible.

Yeah TT sucks for the most part but as long as I keep making money with it I will continue to put up with the crap and keep using them.