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Thread: Aus, where do you buy your records???

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    Aus, where do you buy your records???

    Since the gold coast lacks any up-to-date record shops (would love to be corrected on this), and Brisbane only has a couple okay ones, I have to buy the records I want online and postage is a torment...

    For those who buy online, where do you get the best postage prices? most dealers on discogs have terrible postage since most of them are in EU, UK

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    Hey mate!

    I used to get them from these guys but they shut down the online (devo). I think their stores only do equipment now.

    If you can get to Brizzy I think these guys have a store in Elizabeth St;

    otherwise I been looking high and low too - (Cash Converters, Garage Sales, Gum Tree, Couple of ebay stores from UK that sell oldschool and pretty cheap shipping (buy 10 or more I think - can't help you with a link for that mate I forgot).

    If you find any let me know cause I'm lookin to buy too...

    ... listen.... just listen....

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